Ainsworth admits to problems.

Talk is cheap. Next we'll have CDS admitting that having a pointless non-entity, with a dreadful moustache, representing the MOD in Cabinet is a problem.

We know all this. It is just:

Any Labour Minister said:
Look, I know we've been arrse-fcuking you without lube since 1997 but, if you give us another chance we'll promise to pretend to let you buy some KY to see you through the next 5 years. Of course, you won't actually be able to afford any and then, after 6 months, we'll ban importation or manufacture of lube to protect us from terrorists but, we've promised. Vote for us. The party of everybody.

Read my sigline!
[Adopts cod-French lothario accent]

What is Bob Ainsworth? Cold war-ripened, lowest common denominator marxist-socialism, blended with class-prejudices that were antediluvian before he was born, served with an icy cynicism of self-service, tempered by a salary so enormous that only his expense claims can give it perspective...with a crisp undertone of mediocrity of thought, indecisiveness of action and a childlike appreciation of the situation he finds himself in....that is Bob Ainsworth.

(With apologies to the Cointreau advert of yore)

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