Ainsworth admits to being as thick as a whale omelette

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tattybadger, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Staggering confession from the Defence Secretary, but at least he has the balls to admit it.

    The defence sec today "confronted critics by admitting he is less intellectual than the Forces chiefs who advise him."

    Whale Omelette Def Sec

    At least he can say he's been right once!!

    Dozy twat.
  2. Well he can hardly fu cking deny it can he? The thick cu nt.
  3. He's not admitting it - he's putting a spin on it
  4. Spin? lets hope it falls buttered side down.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Considering the mess he made over the Gurkha's & the idiotic look on his face when JL outflanked him,it's not really suprising news is it?..
    Wonder what Pa Broon'll admit to?
  6. He's clearly too dim to be SoS of one of the countries of the Union as well as his Defence portfolio.

    Well, it says something to me.
  7. Pa Broon said he'll always keep an eye out for him.
  8. For once, i agree with him on this one!! -------- So now its official, we have as our defence minister for the U.K, a self confesed idiot.
  9. God help us. Ronald McDonald would make a better SoS than this clown :x
  10. I knew i'd seen this t0sser somewhere before!

    Evil SS Commander Heinrich Himmler

    Halfwitted tw@t 'comrade' Bob Ainsworth
  11. 2ic Milan Stores, Sp Coy, 1 Blankshires would make a better fist of it than any the current shower of shit.

    I don't envy the Reverend having to deal with this lot on a daily basis - surprised there's been no blood on the carpets of Whitehall yet.
  12. He joins an intellectual elite...

    Jacqui Smith revealed that she was not up to the job and so did Estelle Morris. Both of them resigned.

    Will Ainsworth follow suit? Will he feck.
  13. Just bring back Hutton (JBBH). Give him what he bloody wanted in the first place.

    Aintworth is already saying he's not up to the job, paving his way for an early exit and a baton handover of the poisoned chalice that the top Ministerial job in Defence has become.
  14. Another job for Lord Mandy then. He seems to be doing everything else.
  15. For Jacqui, it was a case of jumping before she was pushed in Gordon's last reshuffle. She's widely reckoned to be the worst Home Sec we ever had. Putting porno films on expenses made a laughing stock of Britain around the world.

    Bob needs to get some media training. Every time somebody takes a photo of him, he looks like he's just followed through. If that thing on his head is a wig, he needs to get a better wig. If it's not a wig, he needs to shave his head and get a wig. Oh - one last point - somebody needs to tell him that Hitler style moustaches went out in 1939.

    Labour are scraping the bottom of the barrel for a cabinet. Increasingly few of the more competent MPs are willing to serve in a Brown government. Those who will serve, and who are loyal to Gordon, are the dregs who have been passed over since 1997.

    Don't wish too hard for a new Sec Def. We might end up with somebody like Harriet Harman. Quick as a flash, all warships would be refitted for wheelchair access and 50% of the SAS would consist of lesbian asylum seekers.