AIG/PAX refuses to pay if you die

I read on Page 9 of todays Independant that AIG has refused to pay out following the death of Capt Ken Masters. The company has said that his death was not in service and that therefor they were not required to pay his widow and two young children anything other than what appears to be 'hush' money.

I believe AIG is the company that you better know as PAX, so how many of you are actually covered? If you die in a Road Traffic Accident is that classed as 'in service' or just 'unlucky'?

AIG should be ashamed of themselves; a refusal to honour their side of the contract by using parsimonious arguements and pedanticity is lower than a snakes belly. In effect they will decide whether or not you were actually in service at the time you died and your family will just have to suck it.

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