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Aieee!! ARRSE wont let me log off!!

Many thanks, Artemis and bovvy: I'll keep trying but this is making me very, VERY angry :D

It's times like this when you wished the Gubment still allowed you to legally carry high-powered firearms :twisted:
I've just checked, Baseplate, and I am, personally, able to log out. A while back, I had all sorts of problems with pages not loading, pages loading slowly, not being able to log out etc.......... The "slow to load" stuff continued (and other sites also became slow), but it seems OK at the moment.

But since 22nd March this has continued:

bovvy said:
But, what appears to be really bizarre, is that I AM BANNED FROM REARPARTY.......... FFS!!!!!! 8O :roll: :lol: As from last night, when I clicked on it, I have had this message:

Unknown user-agent
You are banned from this site due to a(sic) unknown user-agent.
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I have never posted on Rearparty and only had a squint at the threads a couple of times ....... so I've as much chance of grieving the loss of this experience as I have of fcuking the Pope!!!!! But it makes me curious why I'm banned.


Book Reviewer
I think it might be a browser issue: I can't log-out here (at home, so that's fine) with Firefox but I can log-out from work with IE.

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