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AIDS in the army




I’m new to the army & this site. ;D

Finished my phase 2, 6 months ago & am now with my unit in Germany.

As part of our arrivals briefs & lectures we have had areas covered from guard duties to behaviour in town, the final & most recent one was on STDs & AIDS.

Now our RMO informed us that if a soldier gets AIDS they stay in the army, is that true, are there many who have it. Aren’t they a danger to others, I mean the job is like no other & we do run more of a risk of getting shot or something like that & with all that blood & stuff cant they infect every one.

Then there shared living conditions & cook house aren’t we at risk.

Am I just spouting of or am I missing something?
Virgin soldier....yearrr right!.....

Anyway, if you're paranoid about catching AIDS/HIV from shared living conditions and the cookhouse then someone really ought to have a sharp word with the ********* who gave you the STD/AIDS lectures...... ::)

Funny.....why do I get the impression that you're not a bird?  Cos they generally seem to be a lot more clued up about that sort of thing......... :)
Virgin Soldier,

Which planet were you visiting when the HIV/AIDS lectures were going on?

If your really worried about shared living conditions & the cook house and the 'risk', suggest you go to the QMs and collect large amount of bubble wrap and cover yourself from head to toe.  No risk then, eh?.



Surely the Arshole Injected Death Sentance is more of a Navy ailment? ;)


Quite agree with everything written above.  Which particular newspaper do you work for, one that wants a story demonstrating the Army consists of a bunch of right wing, ignorant, homophobes.


That guy cannot be for real. Why are you sitting looking at this web page when in fact all you had to do was put STDs in your search engine and answer the question you have asked.

Just in case you are genuine though, go and get someone to give you a demonstration of how to put a condom on, then you're two biggest possible threats should be addressed (the first being the CSA, the second your own sexual health). If you're still worrying after that get the hell out (of society too) and live on a deserted island. Eejit or what?
Are we not? Darn, must cancel my blackshirts meeting tonight and start working on referring to Richy as that lovely navy bloke rather than "turd-punching matelot".
Seriously though, STD lecture or none - Find it hard to believe that given the amount of information put out over the past 20 odd years regarding safe sex, and especially AIDs, that anyone is still this ignorant to worry about catching it in a cookhouse.  Botulism, most probably, but an STD?!!
(I know, it's the Daily Mirror you work for isn't it?- or maybe An Phoblacht?)
My god this is a surprise :eek:, It turns out I haven’t been wasting my time for the last 15yrs+.

The message is out there, people do listen & I’m rambling now.

The only thing that needs to happen now is for people to do as they preach, then I wouldn’t be needed at all & could be used as an advisor service only.

As for Virgin Soldier, you can't catch AIDS from anyone. However, yes there is HIV in the services, no you needn’t worry the numbers are so low the chances of meeting one let alone having sex with them is almost nil. No you aren’t at risk. Individuals who are HIV+ are downgraded & work in protected employment areas. As for catching it in the cookhouse etc, I think those above have answered.

If you are press, contact any DMS GU Clinic via your military liaison officer & we will only be too happy to discuss any worries with you.
I had allowed the original post to stay (In spite of my reservations that it was a trawl), hoping we would get good and reasoned advice coming back.

We have

Well done you lot :)


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