Aids Avenger

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sawdusty, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. This woman got HIV from her black lover and has gone on a vengeance spree attempting to infect young black men. Allegedly. Very scary. Makes me glad I'm happily married and have never cheated (though stupidly I came close a few times early on in my marriage).
  2. I hope she dies a long and lingering death.

    Every dog has its day.
  3. It's sad to think things like this happen but it is yet another reminder for everyone to "bag up".

    I'm sorry I didn't find her attractive, anyone else out there who does?

  4. I must admit I choked on my Shreddies on that one.

    But enough about my personal habits.
  5. There must be some very very stupid people out there.

    The cops come to your door and tell you that you have been having sex with a KNOWN AIDs carrier and you decide not to get checked?

    They must be as thick as a mince.
  6. Emma Peel?

    I suppose that would be Avenger aids Avenger.
  7. She's as about a attractive as my scrotum after a long run on a hot day. Always bag up, you don't know where some people have been...
  8. If that's attractive I've been tipping my hat at pure goddesses.

  9. If you've already got AIDS, there's not much point in being told that you've got more of it?
  10. A gopper who deserves to be pulled through with a fir tree!
  11. Well there won't be many dykes inside queuing up for her!!
  12. I'd still f uck her

    in the arrse...


    oh no... hold on...

    i'd use hot sand.
  13. :? Sorry Puttees but I don't get that at all.

    The cops traced 24 blokes who had been screwing this woman and only 3 of them decided to get tested for aids, the other 21 didn't bother. Are you saying that they already had it or they already knew or what.

  14. Slapper.
  15. What I fail to understand is one how the stupied ugly slag got so much attention.
    More importantly, why can't they throw a pre-meditated manslaughter charge and get a longer sentence.

    IMHO it should be a murder charge for cases like this with such callous disregard for some that she even professed to love.

    Makes you think twice before dipping your wick though