"aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office"

Well, well. Somebody else charged with exactly the same offence.

How well it went:

Judge throws out 'leak' case against journalist Sally Murrer and her police source

"The multi-million pound prosecution of a local newspaper journalist and the police source who "leaked" stories to her collapsed today after evidence gathered against them in a police bugging operation was declared inadmissible.

The 18-month-long case and investigation, monitored at senior levels in Whitehall, was thrown out when a judge ruled that police surveillance and search operations mounted to identify the reporter's sources were a violation of human rights.

Judge Edward Southwell ruled there was nothing in the information allegedly leaked to Sally Murrer, a part-time reporter on the Milton Keynes Citizen, by Mark Kearney, a former detective sergeant, which touched on national security or serious crime and, therefore, the intrusive investigation by Thames Valley Police was unjustified.

The case has direct parallels with the investigation into Home Office leaks which led yesterday to the arrest of Conservative shadow minister Damian Green. Mr Green was detained on suspicion of aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office, the same offence with which the reporter was charged. "

I thought this was about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky....
The policeman's son was one of the accused and is a serving soldier.

BBC news
"....under domestic and European law, journalists were entitled to protection for themselves and their sources when discussing confidential information. That was compromised where there were issues of national security or danger to the public involved.

But in Ms Murrer's case she had been discussing a local case about which police had given a press conference, an incident in which an MK Dons footballer was involved in a brawl at a disco, and information about a young prisoner about which she did not write a story. "

So how did that even get to trial then :?

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