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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by TurboThreaders, Apr 3, 2007.

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  2. Permanent Lumicolour and then get the individual nail polish removing wipes. Spending time with the Bootmecks you will be comfortable going to the make-up section of Boots...!

    I would worry more about the 30 miler than the contents of your TAM...

    Best of luck!
  3. That unwanted aftershave Gran gave you for Christmas works a treat on lumocolor. If you don't mind your trench smelling like a tart's boudoir - hang on, you're a bootie anyway, it'll go with the Frank'n'furter outfit....
    If you're an unreconstructed smoker, a bit of moistened fag ash does the trick as well, but don't let Tony or any of the smoke nazis see you (is a fire trenceh with overhead cover an enclosed space I wonder?)
  4. Don't use red lumicolour it tends to soak in, talc the inside of your nirex pages first.
  5. use Permanent Lumicolour then a white board marker, works on fablon / talc so should work on nirex.
  6. If you're a smoker, a bit of fag ash and some spit takes lumo off a treat. Alternatively, rub the plastic surface with fine sandpaper and use a soft dark pencil. Saves carrying your missus' makeup bag everytime you do a TEWT.

    Mind you, you'll be borrowing it for Troop Smokers anyway...
  7. Small excerpt from top shelf publication for morale purposes?

    Aide Memoire - not Memoir. It's the natural enemy's language - know your enemy....
  8. V_R - He could, however, use blank leaves to write a Memoir. Multifunctional . . . .
  9. Keep a blank page in the QBOs section under 'Ground' for sketch maps/panoramas. A picture paints a thousand words if you can't show the section the ground before moving off.

    Personally, though, I carried an A5 nirex stuffed full of these things for years and eventually binned it in favour of my choice of TAM inserts arranged in the old combat filofax. You can get notepaper (inc. waterproof stuff) from newsagents.

    The way I worked it was I took notes from O grps on the left hand page only, then wrote up additional details for my own O grp on the right hand page where they ought to appear in my own orders. Then I just read the relevant stuff off of both pages. This saved me writing out a whole load of toss over again and all I had to do was remember the sequence of the headings to get the order right.

    Edited 'coz I'm a mong speller who reached his ceiling in Primary 6.
  10. LOL!

  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Try your recruit training NCOs. Most of these are issued as crib cards on NCO cadres. Copy and laminate then, or write them out in a waterproof notebook. Most of them are headings and prompts only - you will not need to be writing on them.

    Unless you have been told to carry a nyrex with all this in, it is just one more bit of kit adding weight and bulk that you do not need. Keen is good - kit for kits sake is not.
  12. TAMs will probably not be issued to you until you're on an Advanced Soldier/Potential JNCO cadre, but you can talk to your recruit training NCOs to see if they can let you copy certain pages. Mainly, Orders headings (esp for complex things like Patrols) and stats. TAM is full of useful things like weapon ranges, range cards, NBC markings, water consumption, trench layouts, etc.
  13. Hi Halford
    Ive got a few Word Docs that might be of interest to you,
    1. Zap Number Matrix
    2. BATCO Key setting Matrix.
    3. BLS. Basic Life Support, flow diagram for Casualties with either. EAR Or
    4. Shed loads of Army Clip Art for future Powerpoint Presentations Etc.

    Just send me your E-mail, into my PM's and i will forward on the above.

    Good Luck with the remainder of your course... :wink:
    PS..The bottom field tests aren't all that bad really... :lol: