Aid Workers Kidnapped in Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by canarybob, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Apparently, 2 foreign aid workers and their 3 Afghan colleagues have been kidnapped in northern Afghanistan. This is not the first time aid workers have been kidnapped in various dodgy places as we know.

    What I would like to know is, do you think they are asking for it by being in those places, or do you admire them for going there and trying to make a difference?
  2. Both. Some of them are just bloody wet though. "They won't hurt me, I'm looking after the kiddies for charidee!".
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  3. they are fcukwits all of them - everyone knows how dangerous these places are.

    all they do is put other lives in danger as 'them' are often called upon to rescue them.
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  4. god and baby jesus will save them
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  5. The former. As I've said elsewhere, it's a career move that can end in tears.

    You should decide before you go to these places what you would do if you get a bag over your head. I would rather accept the consequences than have a dead rescuer on my conscience.

    I made the choice to go: they didn't.

    Oh and they don't make a difference anyway. You've been reading the propaganda again.
  6. No they won't. They'll all be decapitated.
  7. The 3 afghans are orobably alreadtpy sans nappers. The two feel good/ do gooders will be not far behind.
  8. Why bother with that basket case of a country? Whoever the aid workers are, and wherever they are from, I'm pretty sure there are needy people in their own neck of the woods who would appreciate their help. And they won't be getting measured for an orange jumpsuit either.
  9. You have to have time "in toilet" to go for the big jobs back in DC, New York, or Oxford or wherever. A six monther would be best on a CV.

    I say 'toilet' but most of these people don't venture into the bowl, they stay on the rim, protected from the horrors of what lies beneath, proclaiming Harpic powers that will rid the toilet of unpleasant stenches. Occasionally, some of them slip and go right around the S-bend, which is what's happened (again) here.

    There was a daft bint from Oxfam on Skype this morning, piped into Sky News from Sana'a telling the world that ten million Yemenis were starving to death. How she knew this from her perch over the laptop in the safe house was never explained. Unfortunately for her, half way through the 2-way, news broke that the Saudis had stumped up $3.25bn in aid to help the Yemenis out, making her visit to Sana'a all the more pointless.
  10. Sorry, but if you are dumb enough to think a bunch of Afghans are worth risking your life to help - you deserve everything you get.
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  11. I see a pattern emerging: I worked in Afghanistan when most of the south of the country was under Taleban rule - Oxfam in their infinate wisdom sent a 'high powered' woman to be country manager. She got to Kabul and stopped all programs until the Taliban recongnised women as equal to men. Great. Stop all aid work until an extreme Islamic organisation subscribes to western principles!

    She became the laughing stock of the NGO community, and eventually Oxfam told her to get a grip otherwise she'd be sacked.

    After that I never gave another cardigan to Oxfam.
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  12. I've got 2 friends who've decided that they're going to go and 'help the poor children' in some dangerous smelly hell hole through a charity i've never heard of. both are attractive girls a blonde and a brunette in their early twenties who've been talked into it by a charming charity type and apparently this scheme will have them staying with the locals while doing the work. when i pointed out the fact that they could volunteer for a charity here in the UK for a feel good factor rather than in the middle of nowhere in the middle east or north africa i think and the dangers this entails i was just the nasty racist person who can't understand why these people need our help

    i wasn't prepared to argue the toss with them as they're dug into their position but being as neither are what i'd describe as 'outdoors people' i can't see it ending well at best i see them coming home within a week or two with a nasty case of D & V at worst i realy wouldn't like to think as the organiser of their expedition seems a right cowboy
  13. Wouldn't sweat it. They'll both be dead soon enough. That'll learn 'em.
  14. Either that or some others will be dead trying to rescue the *****.
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  15. I ridiculed a friend of my wife a few years ago because she was gobbing off to all and sundry about VSO work in Mozambique (well after the war, and when the tourist industry was really kicking in). She refused to speak to me (and my wife who was not involved in my put-downs) again.

    One year later she was running an ice cream stall in Mozambique.

    It's my opinion that many people get involved in aid work for the supposed kudos it brings them - "I'm far more worldly wise and wrthy than you because I help starving orphans in a continent you know nothing about." Helping needy people in the home counties [or wherever in the UK] ain't got the same cachet unfortunately.
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