Aid worker Linda Norgrove was killed by US grenade

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by London_native, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Not exactly new news!
  2. Yes we know.
  3. Breaking news: Wars a nasty business and people get killed.
  4. Alright Trigger?
  5. London_native

    I can imagine the CSM's of the RRF are rubbing their collective hands together waiting for you to be posted from ITC.....
  6. Dont blame me guys, the BBC put it up today so there must be some new info in there.
  7. Ali Akbar Samadzadeh was killed during the Iranian Embassy Siege and the resulting operation to rescue the hostages, I don't see to many people condemning the SAS operation.
    Like other people have said before on the topic, its a risky game what special forces do, during hostage rescues and sometimes it goes wrong.
  8. [conspiracy theory]
    Ah yes, but was it thrown by an American, or by those holding her captive?
    [/conspiracy theory]

    aka "It's war. Sh1t happens."
  9. Ali Akbar Samadzadeh was killed by hostage takers, not rescuers. 19 hostages freed.
    95% success rate.

    Linda Norgrove was killed by her rescuers throwing a frag grenade into her vicinity. No hostages were rescued.
    100% failure.
  10. Maybe a tactical failure, but the message has gone out - take one of ours hostage and we will come after you!

    Whilst it is a tragic loss it would appear that she understood the risks and felt the good she could do outweighed the risks; the world would probably be a better place with a few more people of Linda's kind being prepared to stand up and be counted.
  11. Recently discovered that my computer was set to US English. Wanted to "save" a document, but accidentally blew it up.
  12. Must there? Not merely regurgitation of an emotive topic in order to keep the plebs angry and fill the pages simultaneously?

    How about - 'Breaking news; Great Pyramid made of stone'

    See the difference?
  13. Maybe us 'plebs' were interested to know what was said in our parliment on the 2nd of December 2010, which is what the BBC report is about.

    From the web site:
    Investigation into the death of British aid worker Linda Norgrove

    Vastatio, stop acting like a dumb cnut or we will all think you are one.
  14. So on the plus side, the last friendly words she heard were in English - "Yee-Ha, get some, get some!"