Aid to Sarf Effrica

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by samain11, May 1, 2013.

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  1. Overseas aid to SA to stop by 2015, it has prompted dark hints from the ANC about "redefining" our relationship.
    I was wondering if what they really meant was a redefining of some senior bods relationship with the gnomes of zurich?
  2. What relationship is that then? **** them. The ANC are a bunch of terrorists.
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  3. The Boxheads won't be happy with us either as Merc sales will now undoubtedly slump.
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  4. Beat me too it.

    And once Mandela has popped his clogs, expect all this 'Rainbow Nation' bollox to get promptly dumped and normal African full on state Kleptocracy to start, the place is already a one party state.
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  5. **** them charity begins a home we should tell every one we give aid to **** off
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  6. Classic! Them and Lear Jets. But its alright, just have a shower and everything will be ok!
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  7. Can you imagine the grief fest when Mandela dies? It will make Diana yo yo knickers death look like a Karaoke night.
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  8. That's the Wabenzi 500sl off the production line then.
  9. South Africa is in shit state. The ANC took over a country with a fully functioning economy and infrastructure and in less than a generation have succeeded in putting the country well on the way to being a second Zimbabwe. The corruption is massive even by African standards and the vast majority of the population are enjoying a standard of living no higher, and in many instances lower, than under white rule.
    RSA, like most of Africa south of the Sahara, is selling its strategic assets to China for a pittance, the Chinese pay government ministers and officials what seems a king's ransom but is actually paltry in comparison to the value of whats being taken out of the ground.
    The UK government is quite right to stop the aid grants, all they do is go into the pockets of ANC government ministers, let the Chinese give aid, they won't of course.
    That RSA is seen as part of the BRIC countries is farcical, I do business with Brazil and China and the difference between those two countries and RSA is so far apart as to almost defy description.
    I grew up in Rhodesia, had business interests in Africa south of the DRC and still do business in Africa today, hence I have at least a modicum of knowledge of the way things work in Africa. Or rather most of the time don't work.
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  10. Mandela is different to McGuiness and Adams in one respect only, he's black.
  11. For those lacking experience of Africa go to Google, enter photographs of Maun, or Maun safaries. Its Botswana not RSA however Botswana is in a better shape than RSA. Then wonder how did RSA ever get near being a BRIC country. Answer it never was, white liberals however blind themselves to reality and say Africa must be represented. Reality is ignored.
  12. The donation is made under the definition of aid. I suspect the real diplomatic intent is too keep the RSA political elephants from interfering in our mining interests. I bet we take more out of RSA putting the 'aid' donation sum against those figures. So it always was.

  13. Probably.
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  14. Why on earth are we giving South Africa aid? They have a massive gold and diamond industry there amongst other things. It is...or was the most successful country in Africa, no aid needed there.

    As I have said elsewhere, we should not be giving any more aid to African countries as they have not progressed at all since becoming independent and now rely on their begging bowls. Cut the aid and they will have to fend for themselves and then they will start getting things sorted out.
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