Aid Ship Rachel Corrie Intercepted By Israeli Troops

They've just refused to redirect to Ashdod - and being tailed by Israeli vessels.

A few more Darwin awards to be granted in the next hour?
Good. Those "Peace Activists" have no desire to provide aid to the people of Gaze. They're using the idea of aid to push their own political agenda, cashiering it against the suffering in the region. If they were really interested in helping, they'd fly it under the flag of the ICRC.

I hope they get what's coming to them.
omegahunter said:
I hope they get what's coming to them.
A few hours in detention, followed by days in front of cameras whining about how their ipods were confiscated?

Now that people are watching properly, the madbeards have been left off this ship, and it's packed with bleeding-heart mongs and attention-seekers. They'll all throw themselves to the deck and scream like little girls when the IDF boards.
dangerousdave said:
Peace activists on board an aid ship heading for Gaza have been intercepted by Israeli forces, according to reports.

The Rachel Corrie set out with its crew determined to break Israel's naval blockade.

The Irish-registered vessel was delayed by mechanical trouble which activists say they suspect was sabotage by Israel.
Not to split hairs with another Dave but I have my doubts about the Irish Registered part. All pictures that I have seen have shown the ensign of the kingdom of Cambodia at the stern and shows her hailing port as Phnom Penh which would indicate that she is of Cambodian registry. The vessel is owned F.G. Human Rights Projects, Ltd, a Cypriot corporation controlled by the "Free Gaza Movement", a Cyprus based organization. The board of directors of the group are from a number of countries although a number also have dual nationality with the US. If I recall correctly the master of Rachael Corrie is Scottish and holds a UK masters ticket. The whole thing is a bit multi-national

Pic of the Rachel Corrie berthed in Dundalk. From the look of her any mechanical problems are more likely to be age related than as a result of nefarious intent. That being said, doesn't she have something of the Rainbow Warrior about her?

Incidentally why not search around the Sky News link for that illuminating radio transmission between MV Mavi Marmara and IDF naval units.

Spanner said:
Any North Korean subs in the area?
I've been thinking the same thing since this all blew up. Of course it'd be much more fitting if the ship was squashed flat by some sort of Giant Engineering rig.
Under the painted on bow name you can clearly see a weld bead set around the lettering of a different name. Registered in Pnom Penh. She made it as far as Dundalk for her new paint job.
alexcckll said:
They've just refused to redirect to Ashdod - and being tailed by Israeli vessels.

A few more Darwin awards to be granted in the next hour?
Well now that's hardly a surprise despite Barry's plea.

The whole point now is to keep this story in the headlines. Embarrassing bungling team Bibi by highlighting the Israeli/Egyptian blockade of Gaza is far more valuable than to the Pal cause than a few bags of cement and the odd wheelchair.

If the bog trotters, especially that former UN assistant secretary-general, get a good IDF kicking in the process that's just gravy. But I doubt that bait will be taken, any boarding of "terror ship" Rachel Corrie will be professionally managed and elaborately spun to the worlds media.

What are the sad hapless Pals doing to exploit this Allah sent opportunity?

From Israeli commando raid is a gift to Hamas by Patrick Martin:
Easing the blockade is just one way Hamas stands to benefit, said Beverley Milton-Edwards, co-author of a new book, Hamas: The Islamic Resistance Movement. “And they don't even have to raise a finger – Israel is handing it to them on a platter.”

Another way Hamas can gain, she said in an interview, “is by the support it can pick up around the region.”

While Turkey's Islamic-oriented government has always supported Hamas, many of the Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, have sided with the Palestinian Authority of Mr. Abbas in its struggle with Hamas.

Not necessarily any more.

“Khaled Meshaal [Hamas's Damascus-based leader] is playing it very carefully this week,” said Dr. Milton-Edwards, a professor of Mideast politics at Queen's University, Belfast. “He went to Yemen, for example, and made a quiet appeal for regional help.”

The result has been a large increase in support from the countries of the Arab League, including Egypt, which felt the need to open its frontier with Gaza, at least, to a limited degree. (It had been closed in support of the PA.) “The Egyptian government is in a double bind,” said Ezzedine Choukri Fishere, a former adviser to Egypt's Foreign Minister. “It doesn't want to see the growth of the radical view in the region, but it has to stand firmly with the Arab League,” he said.

But the big prize that still awaits Hamas is recognition by the capitals of the West.

“A lot of people are starting to ask themselves if there can be a successful peace process without Hamas,” said Dr. Milton-Edwards. Even the consensus of the Quartet (the United States, European Union, Russia and the United Nations) is fracturing, she said.

“But so far this has not resulted in recognition in the West, only in support of a lifting of the blockade.”

For its part, Hamas is preaching reconciliation.

In a remarkable commentary in the weekend edition of Jerusalem's main Arab newspaper, Al Quds, Ahmed Yousef, the Hamas government's deputy foreign minister, called on all Palestinians to recognize that the correct path for the Islamic movement is to follow the conciliatory approach of Turkey's Islamic party, rather than the violent exclusionary approach of Afghanistan's Taliban.“We are at a crossroads,” Mr. Yousef wrote. “We have to choose between realizing our dreams and suicide.”
Clumsily tea-bagging a few Turks may turn out to be much more problematic than casually killing a thousand odd Pals and trashing Gaza in Cast Lead. Strange how the world works.
Boris3098 said:
Listy said:
Spanner said:
Any North Korean subs in the area?
I've been thinking the same thing since this all blew up. Of course it'd be much more fitting if the ship was squashed flat by some sort of Giant Engineering rig.
:D :D :D :D
I also suspect Rachel Corrie never read any Douglas Adams when she was younger, as I suspect it would have given her a important insight, as shown by this passage:

Douglas Adams Via Myself said:
"Some factual information for you. Have you any idea how much damage that bulldozer would suffer if I just let it roll straight over you?"
"How much?" said Rachel.
"None at all," said the Israeli Engineer.
bomb-int said:
Nothing like pushing your luck!!

these fcuking twats need to grow up and either have a full on war or make peace.
Damn right!

PS just read the Bulldozer quote from Hitchikers.
Now have large coffee stain down my front and across the carpet.

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