Aid ship MV Rachel Corrie on course for Gaza

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tubbs1970, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. In a fresh challenge to Israels siege of Gaza, a lone aid ship with a crew of 20 will attempt to deliver aid directly to Gaza, e.t.a. Saturday 5th June.

    After the best example of how not to deal with such a challenge, any wild specultation on how Israel may handle this.... ?

    I suspect they will try to block MV Rachel Corrie's passage but will not attempt to board, creating a stand-off and another media circus, as i guess is the activists aim.

    More details in BBC story 'Gaza flotilla: Turkey threat to Israel ties over raid'
  2. p.s. will ships/boats full of the worlds press out number the Israeli navy.... ?

    Any suggestions for a prize for the most accurate prediction?
  3. The IDF ought to board the vessel in full view of as much of the world's media as possible. Let's see if the people on board set about them with knives, bars and staves this time. The only change I would suggest is to wait until the vessel is in Israeli waters.
  4. I suspect your predictions are wrong.
  5. I think they might well send a boarding team, properly armed, actually.

    After all, these 'peace' idiots have proven they are dangerous and can't be trusted.

    Given that Israel doesn't give a monkey's about 'international opinion' when it's own military and security policy is concerned (if at all about anything), I really don't see all of the handwringers in the west having the slightest impact on Tel Aviv's response. Turkey isn't going to risk long-term separation from Israel either.

    Btw, it isn't a 'siege' as Israel does let supplies in and doesn't want to capture it.
  6. More biased twaddle. That link is riddled with emotional language rather than objective reporting. Each time you post makes me more sympathetic towards Israel and I know that they are very unfair in their treatment of Palestinians.

    You are no friend of ordinary Palestinians, you are just an enemy of Israelis.
  7. Very good comment!
    At least he's spelling ISREAL better this time!

  8. Far too much hassle, why risk people having to board the vessel?

    Couple of these tends to get the message through.....

  9. I think I can predict the outcome and I am not psychic.
    I can also predict the way this thread will develop.......

    I admit to being slightly aroused by the following statement in the OP's post:

    "I suspect they will try to block MV Rachel Corrie's passage". Oh sorry, it is a boat.
    Edited to add, I have just seen her picture, so no longer "slightly aroused".
  10. The Captain of the Rachel Corrie is Parahandy and I claim my 5 pounds

    More steam McPhail,yon fellahs are catching us up :)
  11. I am certain sales of shemagh's will be up even higher after this weekend.
  12. Sticky, i have read the article again and can find no 'emotional language' as you put it, only a reporting of the facts. Cut and paste the 'emotional language' you see in the report and let people judge.

    I am an enemy of israel? Only so much as UN Relief and Works Agency or UN high commissioner for human rights are. Here are their comments, in line with my own - i am just free to judge and speculate too.

  13. Rachel Corrie, Darwin Award winner for 2003

    Sat down in front of an IDF Bulldozer and got flattened

    Here she is Burning homemade US & Israeli flags in front of So-Called Palestinian children.

    I'm sure she singing Kumbaya in that image....

    You know in the states lefties have Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfasts, true story....
  14. I find myself skipping over anything tubbs now posts after attempting to deny the holocaust.
  15. You are saying that i deny the fact of civilian Jews, gypsies, cripples, poles, queers, etc, etc been murdered by the nazi war machine?

    You are a liar vampire.
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