"Aid only feeds Africas corruption"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by clownbasher, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,19609-2260652,00.html

    Interesting article.

    The implicit attack on the "charity industry" is especially interesting, but turning to Africa, surely the question must soon be asked as to why it is still so undeveloped - did SE Asia really have that much of a head start or is there something specific to Africa that is holding it back and will continue to do so?
  2. There are groups and factions all over Africa that abuse aid. Just take a look at this pic
    The tragedy is that no matter what anyone does, warlords and guerillas will exploit it to cause misery for their people. Hunger and poverty are just part of a very complicated set of problems.

    Remember when Jolie was down there in a luxury hotel, and everyone was kissing her arse about being noble about bringing attention to the problem. All the celebrities are down there, posing for photos, then driving away to a resort in a bmw.

    Anyway, I'll stop before I get to ranting. Great article.
  3. Chief, for all you know, that chap with the rucsack could be escorting children to the aid station.

    Dangerous to use a random picture to prove a point. :wink:
  4. I lost the caption, but I know he's a guerilla fighter. The pic is from the Congo

    And if he was, that still proves the point. That people need to have an armed escort to get food and medicine is a sign of the tragic situation down there.
  5. Thats as maybe, Chief. Posting a random pic with no context to 'prove' a point is meaningless IMHO. As I said, it could be a picture of a chap working for the good guys. Just posting it to say 'look, this proves that all aid goes to gun totting warlords' is erroneous.
  6. I'm not saying it is. I'm saying it can and does get stolen and abused. Like I just said, he could be with the good guys, but the fact is that it's tragic that they even need him. It's sad that people need to weapons just to get food and medicine. There are people down there working for good, I don't dispute that. My grandfather was in Uganda not long ago helping out.
  7. I totally agree with you, Chief. I was only making a small point about your use of pictures to prove the point.

    True, it is sad that armed people are required but thats life and thats what we humans are like. Up until a couple of years ago, over 20 armed soldiers would be needed to assist a policeman to deliver a benign court summons in the UK...routinely.
  8. I understand about the picture. However, I make a point of only using a picture I'm reasonably sure of. Maybe I should ax the "reasonably". I just think it's an important pic for people to see, political points aside.
  9. On its own as a 'look at this for contrast' picture for sure but as I said, its a misleading thing in the wrong context and in particular, this one.

    For example;

    US Forces keeping the peace in Iraq

    Back to the thread I guess. :)
  10. Some. I presume you are referring to Northern Ireland? Tasty as the West End of Newcastle was when I was growing up, I don't remember it being that bad.
  11. Yes, I was refering to NI. ;)

    Was hoping for Chief to probe with a look of shock. :)
  12. Sorry, I'm not that gullible :wink:

    Anyway, on to the other point I made about the celebs and aid types. I think this bit is interesting
  13. Intresting article with some good points. Its a view that finds support among some more modern historians, Fergusan points out in his recent book Empire how most African countries GDP has dropped since independence when compared as a percentage of the UK's GDP between then and now. The biggest hurdle to overcome is a lack of education and an exploding population, deal with the first the second will start to control itself, but before you can educate you need security. Security is a job for the government, if cannot enforce the law and provide internal/external security for its citizens then it is extremely difficault for anything else to be achieved.

    Africa is a rich continent but unlike much of the Asia/Far East did not have a tradition of advanced economics prior to colonisation apart from a few areas that traded with Arabs/Moors and Asians. This is not so much of a negative spin on the people it was just for the most part there was no need for it, in areas were there was a need it existed and was later destroyed or taken over by outsiders if it competed.

    Personally I don't like giving to charities that spend most of their money overseas, I'm a firm believer that charity starts at home and am very skeptical of how much aid actually reaches the people you intend it for. Obviously there are times when external aid is needed but again the best aid we can give is law and order rather than sending a few popstars.
  14. Severely misleading... that's VietNam.
  15. The continent has few navigable rivers and even fewer natural harbors. It's no wonder few advanced civilisations grew there. Civilisation requires commerce. Commerce requires transportation. To this day water is the cheapest source of transportation.