Aid Budget.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Engineer01, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Good. The aid budget needs to be reduced. Would the countries we give aid to give aid to us if they were in the same situation? I think not.
  2. How do you know that?
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Good one. Dfid is an organisation I have little time for.

    As it says, foreign policy and foreign aid payments need to be joined up and Dfid has had too much free reign to spend as it sees fit.
  4. Not the half of it - they have outsourced their fund management services and other functions - making a lot of people incredibly wealthy. Whilst taking money away from the poorest people.

    People on here are angry about giving money to poor people - don't be.

    Be angry that we are giving money away to property developers to build shopping malls in african nations.
  5. I also THINK the same but I do not KNOW for certain.
  6. Absolutely - putting words in his mouth. Why do either of you think that?
  7. Bearing in mind the intricacies of who gets what out of said budget and also take into account the general present 'mind set' of the countries concerned I very much doubt any reciprocation.

    As I have said, just my thoughts, perhaps you may shed further light on the issue?
  8. I'm angry about both, to be honest. We shouldn't "give" anything to anyone. That's what charities are for.
  9. Welcome to the world of GONGO's: Government Operated Non Governmental Organization, aka Fake NGO's, essentially nothing more than using taxpayers money to push a particular political or social line.

    "The Department for International Development (DfID) claims to be “leading the UK government’s fight against world poverty”. However, by 2011 it will have spent over £1bn of taxpayers’ money on propaganda, according to “Fake Aid”, a new report from International Policy Network.

    Recipients of this money include trade unions and other partisan political organisations in the UK. Examples include:

    £1.2 million given to the Trades Union Congress (TUC) since 2003 for activities including: lobbying, hiring new staff and an “international buffet and wine” event to celebrate “International Women’s Day” in the UK. DfID also paid the TUC to hold lessons in how to apply for DfID funds.

    £300,000 to the National Union of Teachers (NUT) to “enable them [teachers] to become global agents of change”.

    The creation of fake NGOs such as “Connections for Development” (CfD), supposedly a forum for black and ethnic minorities to engage “on issues relating to international development.” DfID created and is the only donor to CfD, providing it with £600,000 in its first two years, yet an independent review questioned “the purpose of the organisation.”

    £10 million spent flying poor Brits to poor countries to work for free.

    IPN’s Julian Harris, one of the report’s authors, said “DfID often hand-picks the largest recipients, such as trade unions, behind closed doors. This smacks of cronyism.”

    What a surprise. Now you know why Gordon is so keen to increase spending on what gets labelled "Foreign Development".
  10. Just to put an alternative spin on things - isn't properly spent aid sometimes useful for our own benefit?

    One example I'm thinking of, is an area in Morocco (I think outside Casablanca) where various governments have put money into developing education in the area - i.e. IT courses, etc.

    It was an area where some individuals from were recruited by Islamic extremists to act as suicide bombers. I think the reasoning was that the area was so poor, people were more attracted to the idea of 12 virgins etc, than living the rest of their live in a makeshift city made from cardboard. So various governments decided to try and develop the area in some ways, to prevent it from becoming essentially a suicide bomber factor on the doorstep of the EU.

    Although I agree with the others here who hate the idea of giving money to certain corrupts nations.
  11. Blogg...... I have now come to the conclusion that I will vote for ANY political party that stops this IMO criminal use of taxpayer's money.
  12. I think that's the point. So-called 'aid' is fine, as long as there's a demonstratable benefit to to the UK.

    I don't pay taxes to help poor foreigners. If I wanted to (and could afford to) do that, I'd give to charity.
  13. You have neither the brain of a Rocket scientist or Brain surgeon. I claim my £5.
  14. Aid: Taking money from poor people in the West to give it to rich people in Africa,