Aicraft buried on Military bases...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 29, 2002.

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  1. I know this seems a weird topic but.....

    Me favourite thing, apart from the Army (of course) is vintage aircraft.

    Lately, people I've been speaking to have pointed out that a few airfields , had aircraft buried under them at war's end...

    Amongst these airfields, Bicester, Shawbury , Bramcote etc.

    What I'm trying to find out, is how true these rumours are, and if true, how easy/difficult is it to get a survey done, and a spot of digging to start rescuing these artifacts.

    Any rumors very appreciated....

    PtP ;D
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    As a starter for ten, try using a Geiger counter!  Most wartime aircraft had dials pinted with radium, to glow in the dark.  This resulted, in several cases, in large amounts of radioactive contamination at places where they were scrapped or, worse, burnt.  

    Faslane is a case in point - why do you think we base nuclear subs there?  Not unconnected, I imagine, with the burning of aircraft on th beach after the war, resulting in nastiness leaking out...
  3. Now that is lateral thinking...........

    Nice one OS  ;D
  4. Speak to a chap called peabo, belive him to be an RQ with the AAC.

    He tried to bury a gazelle at nishimoto flats in BATUS ;D ;D ;D
  5. Vertical , thanks for that, seeing if I can raise some overheads now....

  6. Ahh Peabo! But he did, in his defence; comment that if he had killed the German Observer 50 years earlier, he would have gotten a medal for it! ::)
  7. PTP,

    bit of a long-shot, but have you considered getting hold of aerial photos of the sites? I wouldn't know the difference between a picture of the surface of the moon and a photo of my arrse...HOWEVER.... those clever chaps at photo-interpretation can spot "disturbed soil" long long after the event.

    Are you intersted in Austers?
  8. Interested in anything that doesn't require Jet A1 Sinner..  ;D

    Mountain_Git what do you mean "anorak" I'll have you know, I am their King -lol  ;) Thanks for the link, but these are just the sort of Buggers I don't want climbing all over these bits, otherwise it all ends up spamside...
  9. Vertical,

    Thanks, have located airfield, now just looking at overheads.......  ;D
  10. your right about Peabo, he would have a medal but what can make up for him having a complexion like a wellie was melted on his head.

    Bloody nice bloke thougth
  11. Indeed he is.

    Is he still grounded or did they eventually overturn that Ars*hole Fogdens decision ?
  12. No Still grounded bless him, not for trying

    Now working down south doing the door gunning thingy with the loons

    Just started his third row of gongs, they gave in and gave him his LSGC, think he also won an award for frightening the most spiders in an ugly comp. ;D
  13. I would have thought that showing Peabo's face out of a moving aircraft was in contravention of the Geneva Convention (Ugly Scots section).

    We are, after all, talking of the man who introduced me to the age old past time of "pass the Mars Bar"

  14. Can't believe he would pass it anyway

    Fat Ba****d would have munched it all himself