AIBU..the Am I Being Unreasonable thread

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeyDeacon, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. I thought we needed a thread where we can ask our arrse collective, namely unknown internet people, advice about our inner most fears and insecurities whilst answering the question "AIBU"

    So here goes. My Darling Wife (DW) wants sex every day, does she not understand that after going to work that i'm knackered and not interested in sex ? or is it that she's met someone else and is comparing my sex drive to someone else ? or has she been talking about me to her friends on Facebook ? I also can't think about sex becasue i'm worried about the size of my bottom - i'm so confused and hurt. She's also suggested that 'when the painters are in' that she's happy with some 'bum fun' - but as far as I know neither of us have ever been to centreparcs...also i have leaky nipples...please help or post your own AIBU stories.....
  2. I'd love to watch you being mauled to death by a family of aggrieved wolverines.

    You fucking pointless cloud of cunt.
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  3. Have you thought of killing her and getting a new one?
  4. Jimmy's best mate - "cloud of cunt" is copyrighted on here. Same as "bellthronk". Try to be more original. glistening thundercunting underpant.

    Edit: ;)
  5. There are very few posters on ARRSE who make me want to do physical harm to them.

    JoeyDeacon, the taxi-driving multi-accounted sock-puppeting dog-felcher is about number six on my list, the unimaginative shit-juggling spunkweazle that he is.
  6. Someone's been on Mumsnet.

    A couple of years ago, I found myself on there while researching child car seats. There are lots of nice helpful people on there. There are also lots of self-obsessed cunts and self-opinionated cunts. I left after a minor spat regarding my use of the term "kiddy-fiddler" to describe a kiddy-fiddler. Apparently, that is a non-PC term, but the phrase "peados in Speedos" is not only acceptable but is actually fucking hilarious. Hypocritical fucking harpies.
  7. Underpant (a personal favourite) is flashy's

    Thundercunt was MDN.
  8. It's not that bad an idea - if we kept this run on arrse lines about our concerns and forgot all about any other on line community

    I mean.. For Example....

    AIBU to ask Mrs Vauban and my daughter to take the granddaughter* and all the baby talk ( solid food/ rashes/nurseries you know how it goes) into another part of the house while my son in law and myself are just trying to enjoy the Rugby last Sunday afternoon?

    (* 8? 9? 10? months? not sure exactly -that's how committed/involved/interested I am)
  9. That's on a par with hoovering while naked and falling on the nozzle.
  10. YANBU.
  11. Who else is on the list?

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  12. Hoovering? YABU.
  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Hoovering is non U. You should say vacuuming. Everyone knows that.

    I may do a little later, but the first job is washing the windows. This lovely morning polarised sunlight is pretty to behold, but it does highlight the filth on the kitchen window.
  14. How about someone start 'cunt's net . com'...I want 10% of ad revenue.

    Forums can include :
    IKIBUBIDGASPIPAG 'I know I'm being unreasonable but I don't give a shit plus I'm pissed and aggressive'

    Not very catchy, granted.
  15. good heavens sirrah you are reasonableness personified. its not as if you were asking them to leave the house just go to another part of it. Good on you. I would have done the same but I am usually ironing on Saturdays.