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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Gunner_REMF, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Here's a strange one! Got an SMI in this neck of the woods. One of the few AIs that I would recommend as a soldier. He has now been attested as a TA Sldr. The unit are going to carry out an assessment of his ability to be a soldier and will more than likely allow him directly onto Ph2 Trg. Here's my question: Can he be an SMI and a TA Pte? My gut feeling tells me no but in this isntance I hope I'm wrong because he will make a good soldier and is also a brilliant youth worker!

  2. What ever happens he will have to do Phase one (Parts A,B and C) and then Phase 2.

  3. No he's being loaded directly onto CIC which I belive is Inf Ph 2, the aspiration is that he will then complete a JNCO cadre.

  4. I seriously hope not.
  5. From what I've been told (albeit not from 100% reliable source so I'm prepared to be corrected on this...) it's only if you are an officer that there can be an issue, so your SMI shouldn't have a problem.
  6. I didnt realise they taught CBRN, BCDT, Drill (different from ACF Drill) in the ACF or did that just come in?

    I seriously hope he doesnt have to skip phase 1 because of being an AI, regardless of how good a soldier he is if he's not trained to the same standard as everyone else he can be (worst case scenario) a dangerous liability

    We got a few ex-cadets at our troop including myself who spent 3/5 years teaching cadets but still have tdo phase 1 because the ACF dont teach you enough to be able to pass it
  7. CBRN = 'Just say no to drugs'
    BCDT = First Aid
    Drill = Just getting the little darlings to stand still and be quiet is an acheivement!

    My ACF county has TA soldiers who still had to do the ACF courses and likewise my TA unit has ex cadets and current instructors that still had to do phase 1.

    ACF cadets or instructor skipping phase 1 is a news to me (and if true I wonder if they'll let me skip CSM(R) and go straight to phase 2 :D )
  8. Guys! he has previously completed Ph1 Trg at ATR Lichfield (and DAOR) some time ago and the unit involved are taking this into account. So please forget the idea of ACF forgoing CMS(R). Can he be a TA JNCO and SMI??

  9. You didn't say that to start with so the assumption was just begging to be made :D

    As said earlier though in answer to your question, yes I believe he can be and that it's only as an officer that difficulties would arise.
  10. SO wa that

    Is an ex- regular soldier with at least 3 yrs in uniform


    Did Phase One

    If its the first one then no drama, if its the second one I have to ask why didn't he serve ? We have had quite a few "ex-regs" try and join us who never actually got through Phase 2, so I do hope his background is kosher

    Back to the original question, why would you think that he couldnt be a SMI and a TA Pte ? SMI is not a rank, is a position within a youth organisation, and holds no weight beyond proving he's not a complete chopper, I know a Full Screw who is a SMI without drama. One thing he needs to bear in mind is as a SMI I am taking it he is also a Det Commander, the question is can he commit to running a det as well as turning in for the TA, my advice, to save conflict, is for him to make up his mind what he wants to do. If, and I have this feeling to be true, hes a "permacadet" that is a guy who joined up at 12 and went in as an AI when 18, then he has to realise its a different job entirely

  11. As far as i am aware, yes he can. As an SMI he may wear the rank of a WOII, but he is still a civvie. If he were commissioned, then no.