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I hope you good good people can advise me? A very good friend of mine has just joined his local county, and has been told by the CEO that an instructor with previous military experience within 5 years of joining the ACF will start life (after being a PI) as a Staff Sergeant Instructor.

This does not happen in my County, as far as I'm aware. I know it makes feck all difference, but I was curious. Could this be a county initiative, or is it in the 'Rule Book'?
I think it can be allowed at the Commandant's discretion. IIRC there was a similar case in my county and after completing the Initial Training Course the AI was given the rank of SSI.

Perhaps someone more in the know could give a definate answer?
I bet that'll cause a stir pitster.
Fair play to him having done the time in the regs and all that.
However i feel that, although the new AI may be quite chuffed with it,
his collegues who have been in the county longer and have not yet been appointed will no doubt be a tad miffed at a new bod (as far as ACF goes) getting the rank automatically without going through the wonderful life that is SI first.
If its a new initiative to get ex regs in, it'd probably do more harm than good when it comes to getting along with new colleagues.
This does happen, and it is sanctioned in 'the book'.

It happens with both Officers and AIs. How well the individual is accepted depends very much on how he/she acts when they join. I've met some real idiots and some decent chaps. Needless to say, the idiots are long gone.
Officer in certain cases can transfer their rank across to the ACF, also it would be no different if somebody has transfered from another county, that said i do think some sort of ACF Familairisation course is required on top of the usual PI and ITc course.
this has happened in my county a few times, a couple of TA WOII's came across and kept their ranks.

although i've not heard of any ex-regs who have been promoted straight away without doing frimley first
Rules are if Sgt or Staff Sgt in regs they join ACF as a Staff Sgt. If they are a Sgt Major then they join ACF as a Sgt Major. Its all laid out in the ACF manual.
But thats not very fair guys. Surely they should also have to climb up, which will be easier for them anyway as they will have the previous knowledge and experience.

I wouldnt like it if i was SI and had been with my detachment for, say over 2 years and all of a sudden a 'newie' turned up and within months was a SSI.

With respect to them for being ex-regs, but surely they should have to climb up llike everyone else.
Because they've done the training already. I'm sure if they can be a SNCO in the army they can do the job in cadets. It takes at least 10 years on average to become a SNCO, my brother got promoted from SI to SSI in 3 years (although he was the exception rather than the rule). Bit of a difference there. Look at the situation if it was a civvy job. You are a guy who has been with a organisation for a couple of years. A guy with 22 years experiance applies for a job with the organisation and gets a higher position than you because of his/her experiance. You wouldn't see a brickie with years of experiance on the tools joining a new building firm as the bitch. That's the way things work.
amazing__lobster said:
It's only the Army cadets, anyway. Some walts take things too seriously.

[align=center]IT'S NOT REAL!!!![/align]
I agree if rank is important why are you in the ACF? at the end of the day everybody does the same job from the Colonel to the PI.......we are there to ensure that the Cadets who join us have a bloody good time and do things they never thought possible. A Cadet remembers an instructor for what they achive from them, not what rank they are.
Our RSM left the regs as a C/Sgt with many years experience. He made SI to RSMI in under 5 years. Why should anyone begrudge things like this? Our sergeants mess has only benefitted from the experience and stability he brought with him, and the cadets are fiercely proud of their RSM. The rank structure aint real, from a reg/TA point of view, but as the saying goes, you "play the game". and the rank structure exists for the benefit of the cadets, without whom we wouldn't be here, so if an ex reg SNCO comes in as a senior and this helps the cadets, then all to the good.
amazing__lobster said:
It's only the Army cadets, anyway. Some walts take things too seriously.
Just to add: I was once asked by a reg how long I'd been in the army. When I explained I was only ACF, he said that while it wasn't the army, it wasn't just "only", adding that what we did was valid work. This guy was an infantry WO2, so it goes to show that not all regs are negative. I ain't a walt, and I know I ain't a soldier, but you can't take the care of other peoples' children too seriously.

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