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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Dare, May 20, 2010.

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  1. I am a former member of the TA, many moons ago.
    I am now thinking of joining the ACF as an A.I; despite all that I have read and seen, in the info pack, online and their DVD, I can not see anything on the differing roles of AI and Commissioned AI.
    Can anyone help me out?
    I am waiting to hear back from my local unit about a visit – for security reasons I can’t just turn up so I’m told.
    I understand the training process for AI’s but what is the process for Commissioned Officers, training, types of courses, duration etc?
    I am an exceptionally keen outdoor enthusiast with a lot of experience; a number of my friends either teach outdoor education or teach children in academia and their influence about teaching and guiding youngsters outdoors is rubbing off on me; so I thought I might look into the ACF as a means of doing something positive in our local area and giving other youngsters a chance at the same opportunities I had growing up.

  2. Even with a recomendation from the local county commander, I was told I must go in as AI first..and then, and only then I may be considered for a commission.

    As a comissioned officer in the ACF you would hold a TA comission, Type B, you will need to attend a CFCB and I believe it is now a 2 week course to gain your commission as well as training weekends before hand.

    But dont quote me on that as I have had several different storues from my local County HQ :cry: and and click on the AI and Commission ranks heading for more details
  3. The training will be the same at first, nothing different as you are considering a commission.

    You will still be expected to do your ITC by your county, ours is done at Annual camp and Pre ITC, training on weeknds, if you are Ex Army, you will be fine.

    You will need to attend A.I and KGVI at Frimley Park to progress through your training requirements and to progress rank wise.

    Then whatever courses are available and you fancy doing.

    Compulsory are yearly Red Book Test, Childrens Act and soon Values and Standards Matt something or other.

    Bi annually are your WHT tests on GPA2, LSW, Nos 8, Air rifle and Target Rifle if trained on these, which you should be.

    Prior to commission you may well have to attend a Pre CFCB to evaluate your suitability for commission, then a CFCB, success on this depends on you getting a commission, it is effort based and not just an attendance course, so listen, take in all said to you by the DS, dont give it the biggun and give 100% and you will be fine.

    I would estimate 9 months from walking in to actually doing your ITC then from there depends on your County Commandant, and county policy on commissions in the ACF.

    One thing to remember is it is a TA(B) commission, that's all.

    You will get an MOD90 with your rank on it nine has CAPT CFAV on it, to distinguish from regular soldiers.

    You will get a small uniform allowance too, small being the word.

    You will not however be deployable as an ACF officer as some think.

    And you will get paid for your time and travel if lucky in this time of budget restraints.

    You will as an Officer in the ACF be liable and accountable if there is any discrepancy caused by you, causing harm to anyone, and can face a Court Martial, but that is rare.

    Hope that hasn't put you off.
  4. not security reasons - but CP reasons especially with the changes the outgoing regime made to the law surrounding CRB etc...
  5. Silly question perhaps, but what do CP and CRB stand for in this context?
  6. @ Tartan Terrier: CP=Child Protection and CRB=Criminal Records Bureau checks.
  7. Criminal Records - checks to make sure you are no new Mr Glitter
  8. the day i walked into my local detachment they pegged me as an offier type. (the accent and the fact i was wearing a jacket and tie were, apparently, a bit of a give away!) i remember my initial interview with the OC being strongly encouraged to go for the commision. i resisted and managed to go for one annual camp as a sergeant.

    but i decided it wasn't for me, so i gave in and went for the commision. there WAS a pre-CFCB day i did which i walked to be honest. they say officers don't teach as much as SIs. i disagree. but then i have my own detachment to run and so i have to teach most nights. i also help out with adult training (the PIs at county) and company/county weekends.

    the best thing about being an officer in the ACF is being able to tell the eejuts (of which there are rather too many, in my county at least) where to stick it.

    what AT quals do you have? how much AT happens depends on your county. mine have an indoor climbing wall at county HQ and an outdoor wall at the CTC. and i get the impression they would rather i didn't use either! other counties have whole AT weekends. i DO get involved with the cadet centre for adventure training (CCAT) which is based at halton, capel curig and dingwall and is now run by the guy who used to run JSMTC indy.
  9. The difference is:

    As an AI you will be teaching a majority of the time and in some cases you may be running a detachment (this all depends on numbers of staff in your area) you may find yourself in a staff training post of county training team but ultimatley the responsibility and decision making lies with the commissioned officer.
    Further down the line there are obviously adult posts for CSM or RSM and as an EX TA soldier I will not insult your intelligence by explaining them.

    As an officer you are going to probably be running a detachment and also involved in the management process of training in one shape or form at company level.
    As much as people like to derise it ,you are responsible for also managing your non commissioned adult staff and allthough this takes very little effort generally,sometimes you may have issues.

    As an officer you will have far more opportunity at influencing training and decision making within your county /company.

    Hope this helps but drop me a line if you need any further help.
    Where are you anyway ?
  10. Get a Commission it will be the making of you.
  11. You state that you were TA "many moons ago". If you have been out for over 5 years you will be required to join as a PI and then do training weekends and the ITC. I served Regular for over 24 years but had been out for over 8 years and was required to attend a couple of weekends (they were good enough to not insult my intelligence regarding the very basics). I only did 2 days on ITC on annual camp and was then released back to the Squadron as I was assessed as not requiring ITC. After annual camp I was promoted to SSI but only acting until I have attended and passed the AI course.