AHP Shortages - whats the solution?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by mynameis, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Matching military ranks to NHS pay bands

  2. Accelerated Promotion

  3. AHPs Specialist Pay

  4. A combination of the above

  5. None of the above

  1. One of the areas looked at by the Armed Forces Pay Review Body in their 2006 Report was the Allied Health Professions:

    The AFPRB noted that:

    'Severe manning shortages were identified for RN Biomedical Scientists, RN Medical Assistants (Submarines and Royal Marines), Army Combat Medical Technicians, Army Dental Support Staff, Army and RN Operating Department Practitioners, Army Pharmacy Technicians and Army Radiographers.'

    It also found that:

    '...the pull of new NHS careers and stability is strong, particularly among those occupations experiencing a national shortage e.g. Radiographers.'

    The AFPRB also commented that:

    'We have found on our visits that AHPs show signs of discontent over their
    pay, careers and status which present serious risks to retention.'

    As a result of their concerns, the Review Body has told the MOD to carry out a 'thorough review to identify pay and non-pay reasons for Allied Health Professionals’ manning difficulties and presents proposals for our 2007 Report.'

    The Report notes a number of ideas being looked at by the MOD:

    These are:

    1) Matching military ranks to NHS pay bands
    2) Accelerating promotion
    3) AHPs' Specialist Pay (MOD consider that although there is insufficient evidence for this at present they will be looking at it)

    So what are the solutions to recruitment and retention of Allied Health Professions in the Armed Forces? Are the MOD's ideas viable or should they be looking at any other alternatives?
  2. Probably pay.

    I know from 2 of my potential AHP careers that both would be payed better than the same in the army.

    Though I didnt get paid to learn stuff (like drinking) in Uni.

    And that leads to my solution. Pay people to go and get trained up in accredited uni courses then have them sign up for a certain amount of time as a return of service.

    They get more money at uni and a reasonably secure first job, plus experience. The military gets more qualified people.

    Though matching ranks to pay bands may be a real mess with the Agenda for Change crap.
  3. A separate pay spine for AHPs is the way ahead, and is indeed being looked at.
  4. And indeed for nurses experienced and qualified in the ITU, A & E and O/Theatre specialities.
    Apparently, DNS(RAF) mentioned this 'specialist pay spine' a couple of years back....nothing has appeared yet! (what a surprise)!!
  5. I’m afraid it’s an old nut, which raises it head time & time again.

    As a nurse I earn £10000 more for being in the NHS than I could as a SSgt. The services could never match my pay unless I commissioned & then I would have to be a senior Maj & that would never happen.

    I don’t believe the medical services pockets are that deep so it will remain a problem for many year yet.
  6. well the Army wont need to bother with that one soon!
  7. AHP's have for years been saying we are not paid as well as NHS, on call pay, teaching pay etc, this was ignored for just as many years as part of service life. However now we are treating nhs and not service especially out of hours let the nhs pay for that. Never knew nurses were AHP's thought they were UKCC governed or do they have to jump in to allow AHP's to be listened to at last.
  8. Who do you work for then? How many hours do you work? Do you work overtime? Do you get free education and accommodation when you need it? :?

    I can't think of many nursing jobs that get paid more than a SSgt wage (33k a year)
  9. When will nurses stop whinging about the pay that they are on. We already get high pay band status. "But I've got a specialist qualification" - so what. We nurses get paid enough. Give it to those who need more, those tech trades who drop to the lower band when they get higher up the rank system.
  10. Are you mad!?

    What ambitious, professional, experienced and qualified individual does'nt want to be paid more, even if only through promotion?

    The real question should be 'When will the Services'/MOD recognise that we simply must be paid more, in order to keep the Military as a viable alternative to the NHS / private sector?'

    It's no good just bleating on that its 'being looked at' either....it needs doing!
  11. Well hopefully the Pay Review Body will have something to offer for AHPs and nurses in Feb 2007 when they publish their next report.
  12. Yes, as mad as a mad man in madtown, going to a mad man conference (by the way, the MOD will be paying for the conference as well as the accommodation and travelling expenses)
  13. Anyone know what's in the pipeline this year?
  14. "1) Matching military ranks to NHS pay bands"

    Surely the wrong way round? MO pay has technically been divorced from rank, so that pay can rise but without having to be promoted for no other reason. I appreciate the lower officer ranks are time-promoted, but the higher ones are not.
    This also means that ready-qualified types that may be lured in can maintain their pay, without having to possess rank they haven't earned, either by time or merit.

    Bottom line is, the Forces need to pay the going rate (or close to it) and the rank related to either time served and/or reflecting an additional military responsibility.
  15. Well, here we are! Its February 2007!
    First to post a link to this years report gets a jolly loud 'hurrah'!! LOL!

    What'll it be!? £4-5000 extra each per year for Nurses and AHP's?
    Or another let down by the MOD who want the earth but dont want to pay for it....Iraq, Afghanistan....the list will only lengthen.