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Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by vinniethemanxcat, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. One thing is certain about the Japanese earthquake........

    We're not going to be short of f*cking photographs.
  2. As a way of raising money for victims of the floods in Japan.........

    Aneka has said she is re-relesing her hit song "Japanese Buoy"
  3. The UK has offered Japan 68 rescue workers and two dogs to aid the rescue effort.......

    Japan gladly accepted, but insisted they would have preferred endangered sea- going mammals.
  4. Bob Geldof has just announced a new band aid single in aid of the Tsunami victims.Wet,Wet,Wet,The Drifters,Mud,The Floaters,Muddy Waters and The Beach Boys are to re-record the Blondie classic The Tide Is High.
  5. Got to feel sorry for the japanese... the last time I had eight aftershocks I couldn't find my house either.
  6. You forgot "When you dig in Japan"

    Scarf, mittens et al.........
  7. Well i for one won't be donating to no appeal they are minted .I just saw a bloke being interviewed on sky and he had 3 luxury yauchts on his drive.
  8. I phoned my mate in Tokyo yesterday to ask if he was alright, the irresponsible c**t could only think about his social life- he kept screaming "big rave big rave!" down the phone
  9. Bastard I nearly choked, I was laughing so hard at that. That is getting texted on as all my own work:-D
  10. These Japanese tsunami jokes are flooding in................
  11. Elton John is being sent out due to his special skills.

    Apparently he can spot a japs eye covered in shit from a mile off.
  12. the japanese windsurfing team are so keen to take part in the olympics they have just arrived in dover.
  13. The car on your roof is a Toyota...........
  14. Due to the current economic climate, we have decided to cancel our trip to the Far East.

    Instead we are spending a fortnight in the pool at the leisure centre with the wave machine on.
  15. As a humanitarian and internationalist, I believe that now, in view of the great suffering of the Japanese people, is the time that we should be reaching out and building bridges.

    Although preferably not the kind of bridge they made my grandad build.