ahhh Singapore...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Schaden, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  2. It's something he'd remember for a long time. They don't fuck about.
  3. Good. I don't have a problem with it.

    I stayed in Singers last year for a few days. It's clean, you can walk the streets late at night in safety (try doing that in Leicester), there is pussy unlimited from Fils, Vn, Thailand, Indonesia and many other places. You don't have to pinch bums, just go to one of the bars, meet a bird and treat her like a human being. I got shagged senseless there.

    Unlike UK, they have laws they expect you to comply with. If you don't comply, pay the tarrif.
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  4. We were stationed there when I was a bairn & I learned young not to drop litter $20 fine & that was just the start. I really wish we had those strict laws here - mind you if the prisons were like changi no one would re-offend.
  5. I would be more than happy for this country to import police chiefs from Singapore - wouldn't mind having a bit of the weather too. Stayed with friends, who lived in one of the goregeous black and white houses behind the Polo club, a few years back - could have stayed forever.
  6. Rather him than me.....

  7. Yep. I know exactly where you were.

    I could retire to Singers. They still know the meaning of respect.

    And yes it is enforced.

    It has to be. Look what happens in UK. A youth spits on the floor and a policeman that sees it cant do anything because the youth is only displaying his tribalism.

    However in Singers, the state displays it's tribal elders rules. And wins.
  8. Why didn't the Australian High Commission help him out? Shittypants, can you look into this for us?
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  9. what are the chances of re offending after one has had the skin flayed from the buttock area? Unless you get off on that sort of thing it really is a far better deterrant than being stuck in a nice clean cell with cooked meals and sky tv... Perhaps he will keep his hands to himself in future and have a little respect for local sensitivities. If I can endure months of being completely covered and sedate (it was bloody hard work and unbearably hot) so as not to offend my Muslim hosts in Sulawesi, then he can keep his grubby mitts to himself too.
  10. He is very unlikely to re offend in Singapore, since if complained about, will get an even stiffer punishment.

    However when he gets back to UK ..........

    Now lets talk about the punishment meted out in UK to divorced wives who deliberately prevent their former spouse from having access to their children - even in spite of court orders....

    Oh. There isn't any. In fact there is no redress whatsoever. Bugger.

    Bout time the law got sorted in UK.

    Oh and bring back the lash for anyone found wearing a burqa (etc) in a public place.
  11. or perhaps the fathers that batter their partner and threaten to kill them and the child then refuse to make CSA payments?
  12. I like Singapore for a host of reasons, not least of which is the hospitality of the locals but there's a fact of life there that most people seem to miss out. Singapore is a nation run by immigrants for immigrants where immigrants are routinely preferred over locals and those locals will always come off second best in their dealings with immigrants.

    All those who fulminate in the Daily Mail's letters page about how everything bad in the UK is the fault of somebody else should be made to live as a local in Singapore for a while. Then they won't have the 'no-nothing' part of 'loud-mouthed no-nothing' as an excuse.
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  13. can we execute peado's as well? i'll vote for that kind of law and order.

    Nice place, Singapore. Spent a truly awful weekend bladdered there, had to stay at the Mandarin Hotel with the RAF. horrendous, it was.
  15. Are you lot on drugs ? if he pinched a birds arse when right pissed up then, yes, shes got a right to slap him, pop a bottle over his head call her chap over to belt him etc ... unwanted attention deserves a rebuke .. but judicial caning ? how they do it over there is like someone slashing your arse with a knife. Why is it the governments problem to sort out misdemeanors and nightclub altercations ?

    Singapore sounds like a fucking nightmare of a place to live. I was born there.