Ahh, To Be a Bowser Mong

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by sebastien, Jan 4, 2004.

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  1. :mrgreen: In my past life I was a Bowser Mong, people raved on at being a signaler, Christ that was so boring!! sitting in a CP talking Bo!!ocks through a halitosis smelling mic to another equally bored Op elsewhore. It was a grand life filling cabs up drinking tea laced with rum taking the pizz out of every one else who raced around thinking their job was more important than every body elses!

    Women get hot for the smell of :lol: Avtur[/quote]
  2. Well done seb, what do you do in this life now?

    Stunt double for David Icke? :lol:
  3. Watch ORG dive in and defend the bowser mongs now........ seven years on his C&A suit still smells of Avtur and he doubles the clutch on his Lada :D

    Sigs and Cp comdrs were the most handsome men on the AAC nominal role.... only second to the Door Gunners, who unfortunatley had a few Bowser Mongs withing thier ranks.

    Was it not the CP ops that sat in the warm in the early hours reading porn and watching tele, occasionally treating the NBC sentry and guard to a sniff of hot chocolate......

    I can see the witty retort coming in now rfrom the MT mongs.... about BVs etc... well I like drinking piss....so no problem
  4. Well my Lord, I am the MD of an environmental consultancy, since leaving the corps i studied civil engineering & i also have degree in Law.

    Not bad for an ex Bowser Mong.

    however gone are the days when fuel from the water sediment check was promptly ditched in the hedge or the side of the pan.
  5. or straight back in the top hatch 8O
  6. Or on exercise down the nearest rabbit hole, or back into the bowsers own fuel tank 8O 8) . Salisbury Plain and most of Germany is pock-marked in Avatur burns and rabbits with birth defects!!
  7. Good to see you are doing so well, seb. I agree with regard to the CP smelly sigs though. They always tended to be the 'spotty geek with a sick note from matron' types. Rather than be found drinking and shagging in the NAAFI bar, they would often be found in the Dungeons and Dragons club or local S+M Blue Oyster bar. :lol:
  8. M D N can't talk I remember when he was an ambulance driver................................. the homo
  9. Yeah, and who slept comfy on a nice stretcher in an air conditioned unit 1 tonner

    Everytiem I stumbled past you, you were stagging on like a bitch, but you were crap at that so they sent you back to the bowser compound :D
  10. And if I remember, you were being shagged like a bitch by that large Med Cpl called Simon, the one with the odd rash and mong boot.
  11. Close, his real name was Julian (I kid you not). Always suspected as a pipe pusher and verified by the size of Donuts ring after spending two months shacked up in the back of an ambulance with him.

    The only medic / driver pair that would give you mouth to mouth whether you needed it or not :D
  12. I seem to remember a story that it was mouth to willy. Apparently he used to practice the technique on a young mdn saying it was a proven method if your teeth had been kicked in.

    How strange. The fag, mdn doesn't appear to be denying it. It must be true then. :lol:
  13. Bugger me a dig from the only BCR replacement dipstick and a puff that never even went :D

    ORG turned up after the event only to cross bulk bowsers that didn't make the trek North then South... his expertise was in the area of Sucking.. he could defuel 4000lts quicker than any High pressure hose and his storage tank (ie gut) could cater no problem, due to being on a diet of medicine balls gyros and lard bars since joining BAOR

    Flash missed the event completely due to being on ROPS for having a small boy in his quarter and trying to pass it off as his son. On SIB investigation the small boy under pressure claimed / testified that Flash had offered him money to pretend to be disabled for two reasons,

    1. Sexual quirks
    2. So he had an excuse not to deploy if called upon as a BCR

  14. That would have been marginally funny if you had spelt the punch lines correctly!

    Once the SSMs brew bitch, always a git. :lol:
  15. Missed the last one too due to being on a rat catchers course too?

    Backsliding war dodger :D