Ahar, me hearties...

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Greta would be pleased, everyone knows global warming is down to lack of pirates
What time zone is the US in? Looking at that piece it appears to be around GMT -192.

Either that or the Emperor (PBUH) is bored with being locked down and is playing games.


"It would attack an asymmetric vulnerability of China, which has a much larger merchant fleet than the United States. "

Self inflicted injury I'm afraid. Repeal the Jones Act.
Wait, so a country with only two land borders which imports more than it exports across a majority of product groups should start attacking the shipping of a country which has spent over two decades developing land transport links precisely to reduce its vulnerability to maritime interruptions?

That's.... interesting.


"Privateering is not piracy—there are rules and commissions, called letters of marque, that governments issue to civilians, allowing them to capture or destroy enemy ships."

So that's where the Somali fishermen went wrong, no letters of marque.

O Zangado

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Her parents should have called her syndrome
Strange to relate, but an eccentric friend of mine has three pets; a completely black cat named 'Snowy', a stray mongrel known as 'Fukov' and a rescue dog he called 'Syndrome' purely on the grounds that every time the mutt jumps up at him he can shout...


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