Ah yes that Special Relationship......

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Barely_Black, Jan 13, 2011.

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That Good ol Special Relationship is....

Poll closed Feb 15, 2011.
  1. of course as good as ever...hip hip hoorah

  2. an enduring comfort blanket for the insecure

  3. an enduring polite fiction which both sides should happily ditch

  4. an enduring source of heartburn to leaders on both sides

  5. essential to Britains place in the world ?

Multiple votes are allowed.
    ( appallingly off-message tabloid widely derided by the Chatterati....daily circulation 2.1M)

  2. already done to death on "cheese eating allies"
  3. really? not seen - link plse.
  4. see thread "cheese eating allies"
  5. Ah the fabled Zambian sense of humour......if I could find your thread ex-C I would n't have posted here....perhaps you would bear with the ageing and infirm and provide something more helpful.,
  6. Zambia, Zambia, herrumf, I would have you know it was good old Northern Rhodesia when I was there sir!! ;-)
    Sorry, as you were posting I thought you could look it up on the "last 50" search!
    Out of interest were you there, Zambia or NR?
    Thread here:- http://www.arrse.co.uk/naafi-bar/155850-cheese-eating-allies.html
  7. ex-C and steven

    thanks for that link - seen,chortled and returned.

    Have to say sense of humour failure on my part as I didn't think to look in the Naafi bar - where the topic has received the studious attention it deserved, as evidenced by this fairlly representative remark

    Oxford Union eat ya heart out :)

    I was teasing re Zambia, just to get your blood pressure up a notch.....not had the privelege but a long time ago worked with a very downbeat Mancunian called David Shaw who had spent a lot of time working in the Copperbelt and told me what a fab place Jinja was before the damn natives got uppitty.

    I'm guessing only hardened US Arrsers venture far into the NAAFI bar - apologies for being a simp.