Ah, Nostalgia

This probably won't apply to those fellows that are still serving.

Yesterday I was in France for the MotoGP race at Le Mans. The weather was absolutely fcuking atrocious on the way across and the way back. On track I was sitting there in a big pile of mud and sh*t in my waterproofs feeling miserable with the rain dripping off my nose and getting into my boots and other uncovered places. I suddenly realised that I hadn't felt this uncomfortable since my last range day. I suddenly cheered up and started smiling to myself, drawing strange looks from the surrounding froggies. The weather on the ride up to Calais was minging. My feet were sodden and the rain soaked me down the back of my neck, but I was in heaven. I'd forgotten how good feeling wet and miserable was and realised that you could still feel this way in Civvie Strasse. I reckon I might wait till the next storm (shouldn't take long ) and go and bivvy up on Dartmoor. Can anyone else think of things that remind you of your squaddie time? Like eating a tin of cheap Lidl stew reminding you of all in range scoff.

And Hallveg, if you ever call me a fair weather rider again, I'll hide your lunch.
Have jsut had a similar experience.

Had to drop the car off for a new windscreen. The place was about 4 mile away. A colleage offered to pick me up but i said no, i need the exercise.

Dropped car off, didn't really take into account the bl00dy big hills around here and th efact i havn't tabbed anywhere for years my calves were soon burning. I thought to myself, "oh well it isn't as bad as it used to be when i was in green.....its not raining". Cue heavens opening and it started lashing it down.

I would have been nice if i wasn't now sitting in my office gentaly steaming to dry out!
The thing with nostalgia is that it isn't as good as it used to be.....................
Compo sausage, you'd get a bit of lard around them when you opened up the tin........................ hhhmmmmm lard !!!!!!!
I wouldn't dream of it old boy, but tell me and all other arrsers if you had known in advance of the foul weather would you have still gone with that "16 again" look all over your chevy?
I knew on Thursday that the weather was dogshit. I had a result in bottling out of the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry and spending 24 quid on the Eurotunnel Crossing. When I got back, I found out that the ferry had been cancelled due to the storms and I got a full refund. Result. I had a great time and celebrated my nostalgia by making a range stew for tea last night, which I ate in the garden in the rain.

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