AH 64 Spotters

You may wel scoff....but its as quantam a leap forward for the Army as the tank was in WW1.

Dont mock it gents.....its here now and it works.....extremely well too.

The field Army will finally have it at its side toward the latter end of next year....johnny grunt...trooper whathisname etc will be very encouraged by what they see.

He who mocks truly doesnt know its full potential.....
Mutters old chap, why are you so sensitive on this subject? Do you have shares in the company? I merely stated the truth about pics on the wall and hoping my dad will take me to see it.


I thought the Apaches were locked up in the hangers next to green goddess's due to lack of crews and spares.

shows how much i know!
I'm with muttley on this one. I for one can vouch that the are all not mothballed as I am kept awake until the early hours by the godforsaken racket from them at a certain secret Hampshire airfield.

Not enough crews? You might want to speak to all the ugly, pale looking people who are on CTT 1 at present. They stick out here as they look like albinos with one eye like a saucer, the other like a pi55 hole in the snow, they only come out to play at night, damn unsociable.

Any of you who are old enough will remember the mighty Lynx was kept in sheds until a viable force was ready to hit the streets. Thats how it happens.

As I have said many times before, It is an awsome bit of kit and will ensure the future of the corps for many years to come. Some people just try and get any excuse to knock the beast. (Although in pecking order terms, they are only one step up from floppy drivers).

Rather staple me bits to a door than fly it though, not my cup of tea. :lol:
Flash and Mutters,

Seriously, I'm chuffed to NAAFI breaks that the Corps is now getting an excellent piece of kit that will put the crabs and village people to shame. I think with me it's a combination of time of the month, rising taxes, community charge, expensive petrol, etc, blah, blah, that gets my goat up when I look and see just how much this is costing the tax payer. But honestly, I wish I was just turning 18 again. This is possibly one of the best times to serve in the Corps.
yes yes yes but can it launch HELLFIRE from both sides of the airframe yet?
Muttley not meant as a dig mate.
Bravo Bravo......never mind hellfire, they should strap a few SS11's onto the AH64 and then they'd have a missile launching machine!!!!!!!
Apologies for the earlier rant, but I had been on a mini session that night.

There is a good reason for the mothballed AH, which isnt to be mentioned on this means, but its got nothing to do with crews etc.

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