AH-64 Apache Longbow Helicopter Targets Enemies in Iraq


Check this out - so cool.

This video was taken from an AH64 gunship two and a half miles from the target when Iraqi insurgents were spotted setting up a roadside bomb in order to ambush an American convoy which followed a short while after the video was taken. They were setting up for the ambush and were pacing off the distance from the bomb to where the convoy was to pass by.

They soon get the goon news from the Apache's heavy 30 mm cannon!!
The link comes up with an error message, but the description sounds very much like the clip of an Apache brassing up some farmers that's been around for ages.
This is about a year old and I seem to remember it caused some controversy as the 'weapons' were parts of agricultural machinery and the dead were farmers - not insurgents. If you watch it, you will also note that the footage has been heavily edited.
I agree with all of the above ( been out for ages and edited etc ) but its still a pretty awesome example of the AH-64's fire power.

"Yeah Lets Smoke E'm" (that my poor attempt at being a Ceptic !).

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