I saw an MA in SD the other day wearing an aguillette (gold cord around shoulder thing). I thought they were just supposed to be worn by ADCs, senior officers, and various members of the Household Cav? Are MAs supposed to wear them too?
Exrivofrigido said:
Brandt said:
I thought you had a 'chap' to do that sort of thing for you?
So did I! Most unfair. I'm thinking of writing to my MP. Military covenant, my hoop.
Dont waste the ink old chap, tried that and had to file 13 it. Thought the MP in question would have supported my quest but it turns out 'my man' was once 'his man' from 'his regiment' and didnt agree with it post command and all that, a pity and how people do change, what.

Had to make to with a fine filly whose husband had regrettably recently left her,,,, (pre AGAI enforcement days of course), turned out she liked the look of my aguillettes,,,,