AGs advice of legality on war in Iraq to be disclosed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Poppy, May 25, 2006.

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    "The Attorney General's office has been ordered to disclose information leading to his advice on the legality of invading Iraq in 2003.
    Information Commissioner Richard Thomas upheld requests for an explanation of Lord Goldsmith's statement to Parliament on March 17 in that year.

    In a letter to the Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers, Mr Thomas said the Attorney General's confidential advice to the Government, on March 7, had been "significantly more equivocal in nature".

    He added: "There is a public interest in establishing the extent to which published statements are consistent with fuller advice that had been given."

    Copyright (c) Press Association Ltd 2006, All Rights Reserved"

    that should make interesting reading.........
  2. Hmm - Not really for me Fahrenheit 9/11 explained clearerly to me why I ended up in the sandpit.

    As for the legalities etc cannot change the past only learn for the future - but then as they say no matter what history always repaets itself - cest la vive!

  3. No requirement for the big cheese to explain, it's all pretty straight forward. Saddam was a ruffian. We as soldiers, as soldiers do, went there and removed both him and his nasty regime, we're still there. The end
  4. Will Cherie sign it?
  5. If only we all were so gullible....

    oh hang we were;

    George:- "Now listen Tony, there ARE WMD in Iraq ya hear?"
    TCB:- "of course George, I'll get our Security Service to make something up, put a bit of spin on it and he ho it's of to the beach we go!"

    next stop Iran 8O
  6. Only if the ink is dry on Lord Cronysmith's 'public' version in time...