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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by enema, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. This may well be old stuff but I just wondered if anyone had EVER been bombarded with agressive PM's and did they come to anything?
  2. It's funny you should mention that, enema. I recieved one a week or so ago and then a thread all of a sudden disappeared after the 'aggresive' PM. Coincidence or conspiracy?
  3. So how many did you receive under your old user name?
  4. Me or enema, goku?
  5. you asking me Goku?
  6. Not so much threatening really, but one long-running altercation with a certain fellow member resulted in lots of PMs that had near poetic levels of Tourettic spleen once he lost the battle of ideas and rhetoric. At one point, he did say he wanted to drive across the United States to fill me in. I told him where I lived but I haven't seen or heard from him for a while now. :D
  7. crab.......what????
  8. Tourettic- as in Tourette's Syndrome.
    Spleen- as in venting one's...

    He really was quite good at it. I'd never heard cnut used as an adjective before. "Your arguments are cnut!" etc.
  9. Fully understood, just keeping the thread going ;-)
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Never hapened to me....

    Love and kisses

    MiB....The Nice Mod.
  11. Some Knobber moaned about my old sig (Baps, knockers, Top bolloxs ect ect), fcuked him off because he worked with minors/Bitches. Get a proper job.

  12. I have a great one in my in box from some t**t whos not even bothered to post on the forums. Should I post it here or would it be ethically or morally incorrect?
  13. Post it, don't be a manipulated faggot! Fcuk the morals and ethics this is the NAAFI. Fcuk 'em.
  14. Where has the love gone, guys?
  15. I love you Darth