Agressive Camping

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by commzmeanzbombz, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi G4 Gang,

    First things first, Ive gone soft!

    After 14 yers of ponchos and bivvis I borrowed a tent the other night and now im converted. I can NEVER go back to roughing it ever again!

    It needs to be light, small enough to go on the ouside of a bergen, DPM or at least dark green, very quick to erect and take down, ideally double skinned and 2 man (So I can fit my kit/lover in) and most of all below the £50 quid mark.

    What do you reckon, is my dream accomodation out there or do I need to have a word and stop aggressive camping and rough it like a real man?

    Even better would be if anyone is giving one away :D


  2. Well if you were going for a proper back-packing tent, which often come in a selection of neutral colours including green/Black or khaki-ish ( but not camo ) you will really be looking at the £100 to £ 200 + mark as new.



    Are the main ones that spring to mind.

    For £50 you are going to be looking at something from sure I have seen a camo/green 2 man tent from them at that price.....but I have never used or been up close to one to attest to their quality. I would imagine that " you get for what you pay " would be valid here though.
  3. Fair one, Ive googled and e-bayed but nothing of note leaps out at me, there are some interesting "pop up" jobs that might be worth a look.

    It doesnt need to last forever so I dont want to shell out too much brass for it. (I am from Yorkshire and very very tight!)
  4. Why not treat yourself to a 5 star hotel with room service, then you can walt it up that you've roughed it as air crew... :roll:
  5. I thought this was another para mortars thread.... :muhaha:

  6. How could that possibly be?

    Just because he's done 14 years of poncho's & bivvi's, does not make him a Para Mortarman. 8O
  7. mmm, they do have the nasty habit of being rather circuler though, youll have to duct tape it to the front of your bag.
  8. [​IMG]

    I give you the Dutch, two man, DPM tent for under 50 notes. And it was on e-bay.
  9. Because the 3 PARA mortar quip along with '49 Para', 'Wah', 'Shed', 'Them' and 'Underwater knife fighting course' are the most boring, over-used (normally bu civvies too) expressions I've ever heard. I bet not a single one of them cnuts has ever had Digger's Prince Albert clanged off their teeth.

    Back on subject - Aussie hooped bivi bag is nice and light and adequate for 'military camping'. Ebay has had a few on recently.
  10. Or had any real slipstream up their arrse!!! :lol:
  11. Missed that one, I shall take a look!
  12. Memories of my MFC days....

    What you're looking for is a CP tent. That and a No.2 Burner. Any fool can be uncomfortable in the field... Of course, it's a bit of a load to carry...
  13. There you go you hetero-tiger!! Thats the badger....its not DPM but as long as you camp in a flowery meadow you should be fine!!