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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yokel, Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. Welcome Yokel.
  2. Evenin Yokel :wink:
  3. Hi, Yokel, hope you're not some Mirror reporter on a fishing expedition.....
    That thread on Pprune is a well-argued one, and well-worth reading through for some intelligent thought on the state of the nation's knuckles today. Recommended.
  4. No I am not a journalist - err it was me that started that thread - and wrote quite a bit of it. And other stuff on PPRuNe.

    It's me second post 'cos I went to the NAAFI :D
  5. Did he start a thread from the website that dare not mention it's name?

    He MUST be a newbie

    Where's me garlic and self-loading Crossbows?
  6. Burn them all on the cross :roll:
  7. With an SDSR ongoing, the link seems more aprt than ever.
  8. Sorry, Yokel, didn't get much past the Shamerican bumper sticker opening line.

    Welcome to the site, though.
  9. Well it is nearly a 6 year old post and all that......
  10. He should be welcoming you. Check his sign date.