Agree with this

Hi, Yokel, hope you're not some Mirror reporter on a fishing expedition.....
That thread on Pprune is a well-argued one, and well-worth reading through for some intelligent thought on the state of the nation's knuckles today. Recommended.
No I am not a journalist - err it was me that started that thread - and wrote quite a bit of it. And other stuff on PPRuNe.

It's me second post 'cos I went to the NAAFI :D
Did he start a thread from the website that dare not mention it's name?

He MUST be a newbie

Where's me garlic and self-loading Crossbows?
With an SDSR ongoing, the link seems more aprt than ever.
Sorry, Yokel, didn't get much past the Shamerican bumper sticker opening line.

Welcome to the site, though.