Agnostic - but willing to change my views - convince me!

Biscuits_AB said:
Blue/GreenJob said:
Biscuits_AB said:
Never mind. At least there's still a Santa!

I've news for you mate................
You're just an all round, fun loving live wire aren't you?

Just coz' i'm a humanist doesn't mean I have to be a tree hugging do gooder does it?......anyway, exploding myths and having a giggle are all part of the rich tapestry that is life...anyway, Santa is really just an old bloke in a red suit, who stinks of Whisky and likes kiddies to sit on his lap in a very,very WRONG way, he gets a cr@p wage and lives in a cardboard grotto for 3 weeks of the year...




Blue/GreenJob said:
Class........always a sure-fire way of getting a thread binned, the old "Einzatzguppen/Impaled woman" ploy.......... :twisted:
I'm all for black and sick humour, it's funny as f*ck, but neither of those pictures are even in context, so you're probably right in as much as he'll get the thread binned. The intended shock factor hasn't worked.

He's a bit of of an allround dick really isn't he?

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