Agnostic - but willing to change my views - convince me!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by five-minute-fagbreak, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. I have always been on the fence as far as religion goes(just in case) and am amazed by the faith people have in a better place after we pop our clogs.
    Last night after a day of merryment and lager, I had the normal wierd thoughts.
    I thought to myself it was only 20 years ago that Ileft the army, but seemed like only yesterday, so, 20 years from now is not far away and I will be feckin 70!
    So I need some help in thinking that when It's time to go, and presuming I am still a good lad, there will be shed loads of virgins or other nice things to look forward to, personaly I think religion is the cause of enough shite in this world, but it would be nice to believe there was something to look forward to when we peg it!
    I'm not about to top meself, and this is the naafi so all incoming is expected, but anyone out there thinking the same? or can anyone talk me into going to church later instead of the pub :wink:
  2. Go and talk to a priest. I doubt ARRSE wil help you find religion :D
  3. I'm a virgin, PM me.

    Psst, you'd better be ginger.

    Oh, and what colour pants are you wearing?
  4. yes if you want to touch young boys instead of getting the beers in

    get a grip fella
  5. read the bible cover to cover, this will awnser any of your questions ... if it doesn't, screw it you've read the bible now, you might as well call yourself a christian.
  6. won't it just leave him confused with all the contradictions, bored, and annoyed that he's wasted all that time reading it?
  7. Seriously though, Religion is dog toffee. It causes most wars.

    "My God is better than yours"

    "No he's not"


    I went to Sunday School and there is only one God, he has a beard and smells funny and makes you sing shite songs.

    Pub or Church? Pub wins everytime. Unless you are going to hear your Banns or are forced to have a Church Parade.

    Or it's Remembrance Sunday. I don't mind going to church then. I always take tissues though - not to wipe my medals off - because I bleat like a hooer when I hear The Last Post.

    Go CofE - it's for winners.
  8. Good day Five Min. No one knows and I doubt anyone ever will. The thing

    to do is just enjoy your life as much as possible and don't worry about the

    years, they will slip by soon enough.

    And let me tell you a little secret, there is absolutely nothing wrong with

    being in your seventies. Oh!, I know, when you're young it seems fecking

    dreadful but once you get there it's not so bad. Good health is the key

    to it. If you're healthy, you can still root, still drink, although perhaps not

    so much, still have fun with your mates and generally you have a bob

    or two to ease things along.

    Another good tip, is to enjoy the company of women of your own age or

    thereabouts. Nothing more pathetic than old guys lusting after women

    that they are never going to get, unless they are a millionaire.

    Be happy with what you've got.

    The Church thing, I go along there regularily for the social side of

    things and because I enjoy the music. It's also very rare that I am

    not invited to share lunch with some one or other. I play up the

    bachelor living alone bit and as I am still reasonably presentable,

    I get "pulled" regularily.

    This doesn't sound very soldierly and it's not like the great pissups we

    had in the mob, but put it into perspective.

    As for life after death.....I seriously don't think so, but that is just my

    opinion, some believe it implicitly, so each to his own.

    Live and let live and whatever will be will be.

    Good luck and I have just noticed that this is the NAAFI......but feck it,

    I have typed it all now, so it can stay.
  9. That will do for me Basso :wink:
    unless there's any other view's?
  10. The late Sir James Goldsmith, ferocious gambler, rampant sh*gger and all round scourge of the establishment once said that everybody should be religious as it's the ultimate long-odds bet.
    Very little time and money input from the individual, but the rewards are collossal. A few Sunday mornings, a few quid in the collection box and the chance of eternal happiness!

    It makes the Euro millions lottery look like a side bet by 6 year olds over who will be first to the sweet shop on their bikes.
  11. Personally I think there is a lot to be said for church,I try to worship there as much as I can.
  12. Beleive in the Christian God and be meek..... Or burn in hell for all eternity.

    Your choice.

  13. can jesus stop me masturbating