Agile IT took out the road bombers.

Interesting article I thought.


US forces operate hundreds of aircraft in the skies over Iraq. Yet prior to February 2007, they were spotting only a tiny fraction of the roadside bombs responsible for most US casualties. Then helicopter brigade commander A.T. Ball was put in charge of Task Force ODIN, a group of IT gurus, image analysts, and drone pilots charged with taking back the roads. The networked operation was able to spot bomb planters, transmit the coordinates quickly, and strike.

When Ball took over, ODIN was facilitating one kill every few weeks. In the final months of his command, it averaged one a day. Altogether, as of January 2008 the unit has helped take out more than 2,400 enemy bombers.
Well I never.

That's one Key Agility Indicator I bet the spottys who came up with Agile ever thought they'd see achieved.

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