Aghhh Pornotube has crashed!

Look wil you lot stop logging on to pornotube, the server keeps crashing probably because of the overload of ARRSE users downloading porn! so please bugger off or form an orderly que as I want to get some porn this lunch time.

thank You AB 8O

MOD EDIT: put in here to keep it off front page, and reduce risk of minors accessing nawty stuff
WOW! Bloody hell.... that's my evenings sorted for the next month! Didn't know about this... thanks for the tip.

No crashing from here though... but maybe it's because I'm linking from Denmark... can this make a difference?
Storeman Norman said:
Vimeiro said:
Storeman Norman said:
Vimeiro said:
Back up again :D
That's all well and good. But I can barely see after an hour or two on Social Handgrenade's site.
One coffee, Nato, and you'll be right as rain.
Who said that?
Speak up I can hardly hear you...

(Actually does that work? It's just that hearing isn't typically referred to as being affected by intense masturbation? Are you sure? Okay then we'll run with you want to go for another take? no? You got that one? fine...)F

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