Aggressive Take on Immigration

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. CHARLOTTE -- Police here operated for years under what amounts to a "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward illegal immigrants.

    As elsewhere in the United States, law enforcement officers did not check the immigration status of people they came into contact with, and in the vast majority of cases, a run-in with the law carried little threat of deportation.

    But that accommodation for the burgeoning illegal population ended abruptly in April, when the Mecklenburg County sheriff's office began to enforce immigration law, placing more than 100 people a month into deportation proceedings. Some of them had been charged with violent crimes, others with traffic infractions.

    The program takes one of the most aggressive stances in the United States toward illegal immigrants, and officials in scores of communities, including Herndon and Loudoun County, have been considering adopting their own version. The House earlier this month was weighing a measure "reaffirming" the authority of local law enforcement agencies to arrest people on suspicion of violating immigration laws.

    Some Latino leaders say the program here is contributing to a discriminatory climate in which Hispanic drivers feel as if they are being "hunted" by police. And some law enforcement agencies elsewhere have shied away from enforcing immigration laws, saying that doing so would rupture any trust they have developed in Latino neighborhoods.

    "When any of them cross that border without proper documentation, they've violated the law -- however insignificant it may seem to some people," he said. "I've heard sad stories about folks wanting to come up here and have a better life and earn money for their family. I've arrested bank robbers who've had the same excuse."

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  2. Absolutely. Discrimination between CITIZENS and NON CITIZENS.

    Bout' damn time.
  3. Hopefully they'll have an efficient and well-staffed Immigration Service to handle all those people they're arresting, just like we do :roll:
  4. Seems like they're targeting Mexicans (aka "illegal immigrants"). If they were burdened by the British sense of "fair play" and European Human Rights legislation, they'd have to arrest at least an equal number of Canadian-looking suspects to avoid claims of discrimination.
  5. At some future point we'll just have to merge with Mexico.
  6. Do immigrants in the USA (legal or illegal) get any welfare benefits, free housing etc? What about legal aid (state funding of legal fees for poor people)? Does such a thing exist in America?
  7. Kind of. It's hard to explain. Mainly through loopholes (which they can learn about at the local mexican consulate, who gives seminars on how to access a "gringo's" social security). There are problems that need to be ironed out with the current situation, however, most immigrants who took the time to get to this country already are strong enough individuals to build themselves up without it. IMHO lefties demean them by condescending to them.

    My feeling is that we should be trying to give them a helping hand, rather than a hand out. At the same time, it's pointless (and wrong) to bar people from coming to this country if they want to work.
  8. Well I guess if its ok for mexicans to enter the US illegaly I guess I should show up at camp lejune for basic training and be like hey what's up and if they arrest me then they are clearly racists.
  9. You're logic escapes you.