Aggressive dog shot by the PSNI

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. india-juliet

    india-juliet War Hero

    A Rottweiler dog has been shot and injured by police in County Down.
    Police said they were called to Drumee Drive, Castlewellan, on Monday at about 2130 BST to investigate reports of dogs acting aggressively.

    It is understood that one dog had already died by the time the police arrived.

    They confronted two dogs and fired a shot at one of them when it turned on an officer. The owner eventually managed to control the dogs.

    Ohh no, not another Police Ombudsman inquiry!!!! Lets hope is was not a Sinn Fein Dog :lol:
  2. Well that wouldn't be hard if they were both dead :lol:
  3. engee

    engee LE

    What were they driving?
  4. Shit I was hoping this was about Gerry and Martin.
  5. india-juliet

    india-juliet War Hero

    I found that a bit odd too, It would not be a problem to control a dead dog!!!
  6. india-juliet

    india-juliet War Hero

    A merc it has been confirmed. Police also uncovered a cross border dog smuggling ring in the boot of the vehicle!!

  7. semper

    semper LE

    YES ! im a postie and this is my dream come true, i so want to slot dangerous dogs in my area, but as far as my bosses are concerned, the owners feeling ar emore important than mine :evil:
  8. My bold. I presume the injured dog took more control than the dead one. And it appears there may have been more than two dogs.
  9. Lurgan_Stoop

    Lurgan_Stoop Old-Salt

  10. ViroBono

    ViroBono LE Moderator

    What a good idea. They could start with this one in May:


    Miss June:


    Miss July:

  11. Mister_Angry

    Mister_Angry War Hero

    There's go to be a Dominic McGlinchey joke here somewhere ...
  12. woody

    woody LE

    Your bosses are hardly going to be happy letting postal workers have access to weapons are they :lol:
  13. Ex_ex

    Ex_ex War Hero

    Were they Brazilian pit bulls?
  14. I suppose the dog was mad.

    I don't suppose it's surname was Adair.
  15. Best Hain or Bliar initiate a costly investigation into the use of force by the officers as no doubt the repubicans (intentionally misspelt) will want one.