Aggressive/bullying debt collection agency - help needed

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ExPadBrat, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. At the risk of being told tough shite, there are mitigating circumstances for me getting into debt. I've held my hands up and paid what I can afford but after losing my job I've now got to deal with Moorcroft threatening home visits for paying less than they tell me I can afford.

    Their income Vs expenditure form doesn't allow for things such as food ffs!

    I'm busy trying to find a job without dealing with this blind. I've sniffed around the internet and there is something about an SRA and request for CCA....

    If anyone can give me any accurate guidance I'd be very grateful.
  2. Go to the citizens advice bureau, they deal with this sort of thing all the time.
  3. Our local branch got shut down for financial irregularities, so pardon me for having zero confidence in them.

    When I lost my job the first time I went to them and they were useless, kept saying come back when you have more information. There was no more information to get. I dealt with it by myself faster than they were ever going to.
  4. Go and see your local Citizens Advice Centre, they have all the latest information and their help is free.

    I had to bail out a relative last year in the same situation, on speaking to the Credit Agency I was told that had he made an offer of anything instead of hiding his head in the sand over it then they would have accepted.

    It sounds to me like this lot are just trying to see how far they can push you to pay. If they can screw an extra tenner a month out of you they will, the lad I spoke to at my brothers debtor's that offering to pay SOMETHING limits their options a good bit.

    Speak to the Citizens Advice and try to relax about it.

    EDIT : Bugger .. a few posts while I was typing this !! .. have you tried the National Debt Line ..
  5. Get in touch with Pay Plan I can thoroughly recommend them. They will deal with the debt agency and help set up a payment plan.
  6. I pay monthly by Standing Order. I notified them in advance that I couldn't afford what they insisted I had to pay, now they're saying that as I'm either £13 or £28 (depending which letter you read) in default I now have to pay the full £1300 or I'll have someone on my doorstep.
    I've reduced it to a quid a month, not a lot I know but best I can do.

  7. I second that.
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  11. Big ex pads brat? yummy!

    Name your price, do you do out-calls?

    On a serious note I'd think about "selling" some of your stuff to a trusted relative, if things come to the worst and they send the bailiffs in you can say "sorry all I own is the cloths on my back".

    I have seen it done in the block with German bailiffs, funny as fuck seeing the German meat-heads face as this lads room mate waves a bill of sale for all his kit!
  12. backdated a couple of months too so they can't try and demand the money gained from the sale.
  13. I had to deal with these chimps about three years ago.

    First off don't acknowledge that you owe this money, you haven't been to court, its an alledged debt.

    Find a copy of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 letter on the site linked below.

    Copy it, send it, and work out and equitable way of settling this.

    This lot are bullys who will try to terrify you down the phone, they did it to my mum...once.
    I looked into it, read them the riot act and got her debt reduced.

    If they don't respond in writing to you within x amount of days the debt will be negated.

    I can't remember all of it, but everything you'll need is on the site.
  14. how would you manage your money if you were out of a job all of a sudden?
  15. It is my debt I spent the money. Thereagain thanks to a tosser ex and CSA *insert expletive* I didn't have much choice.

    Phone?? I'm not that stupid! I dealt with them over the phone the first time I got a letter and the b*tch at the other end reduced me to tears and hung up on me. :x