Aggressive Bitch - Rohypnol Or Equivalent Needed ( Or other ideas.)

In brief, 3 yr old black 'lab bitch in season.
Soon as sex pest of male black lab starts to get even slightly "jiggy" the bitch has a serious go at him.
Direct consequence is that said sex pest of male black lab is quite understandably getting somewhat reluctant to get stuck in.
The bitch is now at her most fertile and so should be at her most receptive.

Thinking about:
Muzzling bitch and tethering her.

- That's about it so far.


War Hero
If you're asking for advice on forcing sex upon those who do not want it, look no further that our very own resident consultant.

@Baz P.B.U.H. ?
ask an asylum seeker , they appear to be experts at shagging unwilling domesticated animals ?
Has the bitch stopped bleeding yet?

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