Aggghhh f**king hearing tests.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by al8227, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Just failed my medical on my left ear. Apparently the entry standard of p2 is 123 i'm 130. **** sake 7db is nowt.

    apparently quite common for ex regs is to have a weaker left ear due to live firing etc.

    Can I appeal. The booth wasn't exactly sound proof I cold hear everything going on outside.
  2. Type louder.
  3. Auld-Yin

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    Just a minute til I turn my hearing aid up!

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  4. Left ear? You managed to get a left-handed gat then??

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  5. Having left the regular army after 12 years commissioned service in the infantry I applied to join my local TA Infantry Battalion. They wanted me. I was going to be 2IC of a company. I failed the medical because, apparently, my eyesight wasn't up to the exacting standards required.

    I then applied to the watchkeepers and liaison officers pool in Woolwich. No problem. Accepted me straight away.

    Perhaps the guys that did my original medical thought that I'd applied to be a sniper. The lot that I ended up in included some blokes who were still wearing their issue WWI gear, had wooden legs, bath chairs, hearing trumpets and all sorts. I enjoyed several years of useful service with 16 Air Assault Brigade and can honestly say I never blindly walked into the rotor blades of any helicopter.

    It really makes me wonder though.
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  6. Some **** from Preston. Apparently.
  7. About 1700 old boy.
  8. NIHL tends to affect the ear furthest from the ejector port so no, he would have been a right handed firer most likely.
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  9. My hearing has been billhooked since standing too close to a 120, several times.
  10. Head cocks to the right to see through the site therefore right ear is partially protected by shoulder, however left ear is more exposed. You must have fired from the hip eh !
  11. I remember reading the obituary of some old boy in Soldier many, many years ago. It said that he was in the RA and had applied to join the RFC when it was formed. Apparently he was turned down because his eyesight wasn't good enough so he joined the Observer Corps!
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  12. Classic! Thanks for that, made me chuckle.
  13. I thought that as well, but apparently it is common. Someone did explain it to me once, something to do with the way your head is tilted when firing right handed or something. I didn't really hear what they where saying though as my hearing is low on the left hand ear also.

    For the OP, request another hearing test or go to a civvie doctors for one. I failed one for my offshore medical once. My employer managed to book me another one, which I passed no problem (bizarely). I think the company, Capita iirc, were just trying to rinse a few extra quid out of my employer though to be honest. *****.