Agency fuel cards

Filled up a hire car yesterday at a garage, but at checkout the staff said that despite the signs showing that they accepted the cards, they now do not. I did not pay, but have to return today to resolve the matter.

Anyone know where I stand on this - do I pay for it and claim the cost back through the system, is there a method whereby MoD pay directly, or will I have to pay for it and siphon the fuel into my own car?
VB Has happened to me in the past i opted to pay at the time and claimed the money back via the RAO. They just have a simple form to fill in with the reciept attached as proof. You may have to get a chit from MT or whatever to say you were on an authorised journey etc etc.

Handed the form in to the RAO and got my money back about 6 months later! :wink: (Well a few days actually but there is no point trying to make out that the AGC are efficient, no one would believe me any way) :D
^^^^ what he said! It's happened to me when the civvy MT doris gave me an out of date fuel card which I failed to notice. I had to send a form to Bde G4 who authorised me to put in a claim for actuals in this instance. Just keep the receipt and there shouldn't be any problems.
As i work at the place where the contract is written up and the cards are issued, you may want to PM for a number to the person who deals with this.

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