Discussion in 'Juniors' started by bluntmann, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. I have just been accepted to start basic in a months time and as a 27 year old I was wondering if anyone could tell me if my age would be seen as an advantage or disadvantage?
  2. All depends on what or who you're joining.
  3. If you are after an old age pension, it would be a distinct disadvantage.
  4. ......and you can't join the Chelsea Pensioners either. Very elitest unit.
  5. Check your PM's
  6. You werent by any chance at RSC pirbright july 26th/27th were you?
  7. No, was at Ballymena but roughly the same time. Joining the AGC because, well there is very little to choose from at my age. Only regret I have in my life is not joining when I was younger so thought better join before I'm too old to join full stop.
  8. Guy I went through Blandford with was 26 and someone I share a room with where I am now is 27 and they get treated the same as anyone else.... you just have to get used to being treated like a kid throughout training but i'm only 22 and found the extra couple of years over the others were useful
  9. Dont join the AGC. Go to the Intelligence Corps instead. Better money and quicker promotion - better for you! I know of a 28 and 29 year old who went through training together a few years ago. It's a corps where being a bit older and wiser will benefit you.
  10. I'm going to be 24, so I take it people don't think being a bit older is a disadvantage when starting your military career?
  11. Not at all, you're generally fitter, more resilliant and more switch on than the younger recruits.
  12. Couldnt agree more I was 28 when joined (R.E.M.E) and although you still get the same blanket punishment during basic and Phase II it has definite advantages. You have more mental and physical courage to draw on and hopefully more life experience to draw on and get you through. I have two kids so sleep deprivation wasnt a problem lol and also you get to make a bit more sense out of the training methods than just thinking everything is bone and what the point etc..

    You will also find that when you get to your first unit ( if you good at job, fit and switched on ) you will get your first bannana a lot quicker than the other younger lads as well as getting that little bit more respect ( although you still a crow lol)

    The only up side in my eyes to being young is that your body takes a little longer to get used to P.T. so make sure you stretch off really well after training and be physically prepared before you get there or you will get injured.

    All the best m8 and good luck.
  13. the oldest bloke in my platoon got best recruit, due to maturity i think cos he was a bit of a strange fella. He was 27 cant see it being that much of a downer since you still get your 22 if you can keep up gramps
  14. In the signals at least you find that the guys that joined up late tend to get promoted at least to full screw very quickly. Doesn't really matter how good you are at your job you just need a "2" on your Cr ad you're sorted. Guess the thinking is that youd make a better leader cos of life experience or whatever.

    And getting on career courses (class 1 etc) will be a lot easier as well

    But for the first year could you take being told what to do by a 19 year old lance jack?

  15. Know a guy who just came out of trg who is about my age and he's having dramas cos he thinks he's the equal of the guys his age even though we outrank him and have served 8 years longer than him! He's too familiar with seniors as well. I think it's probably more a personality thing though.