Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Goody1964, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Now I am not sure if this is in the right section but I know I will be pulled into line sharpish if it is not.

    My fellow comrades I am still serving in the TA Infantry, now I am fairly fit and I asked to go onto the PSBC TA course, now my RSM has stated that I am too old. I have also been informed by a relaiable Officer that the forces do not have Crown Immunity and this would be classed as Ageism, now I am not looking to go all legal and claim unfairness etc, I dont agree with thos who try their best to find an easy claim.

    I want it straight at 46 can I or can I not attend, there is a long story and I will not bore anyone with the details nor will i tell if anyone PM's me, those who know me know I am passionate and the reason why I am asking.

    Look forward to your replies, and I also expect some abuse in the good olde fashion squaddie leg pulling.
  2. Is Puttees your dad?

    (Not the face, not the face) xx
  3. Have a look at the Infantry courses book on Armynet (Search for Platoon Sergeants’ Battle Course) . No mention on the PSBC TA page about an age limit.

    Are you Puttees Dad?

  4. Cheers Shiny

    I will check it out, I remeber wearing them, lol, and to make it quicker cut off the strap and I stitched velcor to the end. those were the days, and you are showing your age remembering them.

  5. The_Snail,

  6. God..I must be getting old, I remember Gaiters!!!