Ageism, pensions and the 16 year point

Discussion in 'Officers' started by, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. What impact do we think the new ageism legislation has on officers’ careers and pensions?

    Is it not discriminatory to award pensions from one’s 21st birthday, does this affect how they calculate your 16-year point? I am told by someone who worked there that APC have been secretly paying out on this for years for those who challenge it. Are the floodgates open?

    Why should someone have to serve longer and as non-pensionable service if commissioned before 21 for no other reason than age?

    Also what about selection, retention and promotion based on Year of Birth (YOB) surely that was/is all illegal and open for challenge too?

    Am told job selection can only be based on competence not time served?

    Not a trawl as I don’t fit any of the above but we were talking this over the other day and wanted to know what others think.
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  3. If an officer wants their service before 21 to count then the answer is easy, just swap to the new pension scheme. However, overall it will cost them a fortune overall, but at least the time before 21 will be counted!
  4. No longer possible, Lanky, the new scheme is closed to transferees (unless they were given bum information during the transfer process or will be made redundant in the near future, IIRC).

  5. Thanks for the reply oldbaldy Should have known we would be exempt.

    Does not take away from the fact that "my mate" says Glasgow have been secretly paying out to anyone who challenges the "age 21" rule and writes a stiff legal letter. He says peolple are geting £7-8K likley on the principle its dodgy ground and cheaper than to fight it?

    Worth a letter to APC for anybody who falls in the bracket.

    Maybe they are using the equal pay act as it covers pensions or are we out of that too! Believe not.

    The Equal Pay Act gives men and women the right to equality in the terms of their contract of employment. It covers both pay and other terms and conditions such as piecework, output and bonus payments, holidays and sick leave.

    European law has extended the concept of equal pay to include redundancy payments, travel concessions, employers’ pension contributions and occupational pension benefits
  6. Just remember, no pension change was ever brought about for the benefit of the workers!