Ageism. Law Change.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by COMMSRUS, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. I originally posted this on the sigs board.... your thoughts please.

    Next week the Law changes and it becomes illegal to discriminate against anyone because of thier age.

    This means that you cannot deny promaotion to a person who is too old.

    With the MCM Divs clearly showing ideal promotion zones and non elligibility zones what will happen???

    The promotion policy clearly states that promotion is gained due to the potential of the person against experience. This is caveated against a return of service, determined by age.

    Is this illegal?

    See the bbc web site for more.

    Sorry if this has been done to death already!!!
  2. Will this also include the two year residual service rule?
  3. Will it change anything at all?
  4. nothing will change at all its the army.
  5. I have no idea if it will affect residual service, or LSL or TA or commisioned ranks. I certainly do not recall being briefed on any law change.
  6. This new legislation does not afect the millitary due to "operational reasons".
  7. Isn't this the law to get the senior citizens vote?
  8. How dare you suggest such a thing !

    Seriously though, it can only be a good thing for HM Forces, especially when coming to then 22 year point - no longer will it be the case that you're too old for the prospective civilian job.

    Interestling, but unsurprisingly, the armed forces are exempt from the legilsation but I wonder how long it will be before someone challenges the rule in the courts.
  9. Surely, MOD will pull out the crown exemption card on this one?
  10. We lost crown exemption for pretty much everything years ago. We are subject to UK and European laws, why do you think we have disabled toilets in brand new service buildings? It's not because we have disabled soldiers, it's because we have to comply. It's a bit of a random example but it's the truth.
  11. I've never heard of anyone who has left (even after his 22) who has been told that he didn't get a civvy job because he was too old.

    If they don't want you, they'll get you out at the paper sift along with any others they don't want or even at the interview stage 'for a stronger candidate'

    This won't change anything. Try proving that you didn't get the job because you were considered 'too old'. Very difficult thing to do unless there's a whistle blower in the HR Dept. Lawyers are expensive as well.

    As for anyone challenging the age issue in the Forces, it will happen. It's only a matter of time and whoever does it will win. It's an easier and bigger target. Gays and Lesbians won their case. Took a bit of time, but times change and the Mob has to accept that. It'll change the age thing in a couple of years. I would imagine that there's a lawyer working on it as we speak. There'll be the token gestures in the right direction before it caves in. The argument against age is based upon the job of the Infanteer. There's nothing else in the mob that a 50 yr old can't do that a man under 40 can. The RAF can employ a 50 yr old WO, so why can't the RLC?
  12. We lost crown exemption in 1987, many years ago and really only for cases involving negligence.

    I agree that your example of disabled toilets and UK/European laws is a bit random. Not sure of your point here or how it relates to age.
  13. I know that the AGC has increased its limits on age - I believe that the RLC has done the same for the bomb disposal people.
  14. Just shows that we have to comply with leglislation that has been bought in by Europe which we have to abide by regardless of whether it affects us or not.