Ageing (ferociously)


You posted a quote of yourself as evidence?!

You really are stupid aren’t you.

My evidence M’Lud? Well here is a post I made on ARRSE.

You comedy gold you tubby liar.
I guess you struggled with the photo's, you broken brained little fantasist.
Agreed, but it's hellishly difficult to find friends who share the same interests, same humour, same values, and have no other commitments!
They are possibly thinking the same? The more interests you develop, the more opportunities for shared interests. It's fine going to the same pub or café or shops except it becomes routine and not a lot seems to change. A bit of variation can make all the difference, whether it's the discovery of a place you have been past but never been in before or refreshingly different people with something interesting to talk about.
A study was done a few years back showing the age of 25 is when you have the highest number of actual in person friends, after that it’s down hill. You lose what is considered a lifelong friend every seven years until you are eighty, then it picks up again as your children/grandchildren become closer to you in more of a friendship way than purely as a descendent.
They can take that inverse bathtub study and shove it right up their ARRSE and squeal when the paper edges cut. Utter, utter rubbish. Stats can be useful. They can also be useless.



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Oh heck aye - looks like $3k & up for a trek up one of the less cluttered routes with park fees & decent guides etc.
Just had a quick look & the climb itself appears to be a 6-8 day trek, with the latter better for both the views & lessening the effects of altitude sickness (I know I'm OK for at least a couple of days above 12,000 though it gives me chronic insomnia).
I might combine it with a hunt (if there's still hunting to be had...).
I'm up for hunting poachers.

sunny james

One thing from that I disagree with - it's now easier than ever to have interactions with different age generations - the internet. Yes it's not face to face, but it's still talking, laughing and showing pictures of your cock.

I was gaming the other day and turns out the guy I was teamed with was late 50s. He was shit mind.
I still play (too much) Return to Castle Wolfenstein when I'm in the UK. All the other players are younger than me and I think they using big gaming monitors and mice. I'm stuck with a laptop. In Vietnam at the moment and the Mrs has just told me that I spend too much time on Arrse. Can't win.

sunny james

Possibly, I wouldn't want to generalise, but surely it depends on one's priorities. For the majority that means raising kids and grandkids. What's the point of living to 100 with no descendants, no relatives or friends??
How many of that majority wish in their heart of hearts wish they hadn't had kids?
Parents of murderers? severely handicapped?
It's said that people with kids and people without kids always feel sorry for each other. It's also said that you should be good to your kids, they get to decide which home they put you in.
...I want to go up Kilimanjaro in a couple or three years if anyone else is interested.
It's not too strenuous. Couple of folks I know did it in Rockies (sandals) and shorts. Biggest problem was not stepping in the tons of dung and used bogroll along the route. More of a bimble than crawling up rock faces.


How many of that majority wish in their heart of hearts wish they hadn't had kids?
My ex-husband's infidelities were wearing me down much more than my kids :nod:


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Don't bring me into this, you're the one who keeps asking me to turn my webcam on mid game and my isn't it hot out, why not get comfy and cool down with my top off.
Young enough to laugh at your failing body and fairly imminent death.

Old age, poverty and morbid obesity. I hope your affairs are in order.
I'm no great supporter of @Oddbod but your obsessive stalking of him makes you come across as an exceptionally creepy ****. Might want to give it a rest for a day or two. Particularly in interesting threads like this has the potential to be.
Feck off.

Sensible answer - I lost 12kg over the last year, and will be taking up the Nordic walking again on Monday.
Never mind Nordic walking, I shall be dragged around twice daily by my laid back Labrador 50 odd pounds of pure muscle. I get my revenge climbing 70 steps non stop in under a minute and his nose scarely gets a chance. Some of my walks can be pure comedy.
Cyclist on one of those shared paths
"Do you know this is the cycle lane"
"Then why don't you keep it clear"
"cos your'e a cyclist and I follow his nose. You tell him."

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