Aged eight (8) and fourteen (14) stone

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Brew_Time, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Anyone see this lad on the News - absolutely disgusting. Eight years old and fourteen stone, he's now on the "at risk" list.

    They interviewed his mother and what a state she is too, a right double bagger, fkn mong. The house was a pig sty. And now they're going to get help at the tax payer's expense.

    BT. :frustrated: :threaten: :frustrated: :frustrated:
  2. yeah, saw that this morning, the Mong Mother kept saying that because no-one had actually told her that being 8 years old and 14 stone was a problem she didnt think there was anything wrong !!. Cut to TV clip of the fat cnut stuffing a baked potato dripping with butter into his fat gob. Useless wasters the whole feckin lot of 'em :pissedoff:
  3. Is this his dad?


    Heard about this bloke in the pub last night. It was on the telly I think. Weighed half a ton. Manuel Uribe if you want to look for more photos of the fat fecker.
    Edit to add quote and correct nationality. - Naturally I'd assumed he was a septic.
  4. Sick sh1t!
  5. Its not their fault,they are just big boned and or its their glands,nothing to do with all the shite they tip down their throats
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    From Yahoo...

    An obese eight-year-old boy will discover tomorrow whether he will be taken into care because of his size. Connor McCreaddie weighed 15 stones and 8lbs - four times the weight of a healthy child of his age - before Christmas. After beginning an intensive exercise regime and swapping the junk food for healthy alternatives, the youngster lost one-and-a-half stones in two months.

    His mother Nicola McKeown, 35, sought help from professionals and the family have been getting assistance from health
    workers and a dietician.

    Tomorrow, the family face a child protection conference with North Tyneside Council to discuss Connor's progress in losing weight.

    The last resort would be for social workers to place the child in care but his mother is hopeful this will not happen.

    Miss McKeown said: "If Connor gets taken into care that is the worst scenario there could be.

    "Hopefully, we will be able to come up with a good plan and he might just be put on the at-risk register. That wouldn't be so bad because there would be help at the end of it."

    The schoolboy, from Wallsend, North Tyneside, will feature in today's edition of Tonight with Trevor McDonald exploring childhood obesity.

    Film crews from the show followed the youngster's day-to-day life for a month.

    Miss McKeown explained that Connor steals and hides food and loves curry, chips and junk food.

    She said: "He has double, treble the normal amount, but if I didn't give him enough at teatime then he would just go on at us all night for snacks and stuff."

    Connor has difficulty dressing and washing himself, misses school regularly because of poor health and is a target for bullies.

    "People pick on us because of my weight. They call us fat. It makes us feel sick of the nutters always shouting at us," he said.

    In a statement issued by North Tyneside Council and North Tyneside Primary Care Trust, a spokeswoman said: "We share the concerns over the child's health and well being.

    "North Tyneside Council and North Tyneside Primary Care Trust have been working with the family over a prolonged period of time and will continue to do so.

    "The child's interests are paramount."

    Feck,We've all got a bit of tummy cushion! Hell if I have a night on the Guiness I feel like the bloody Michelin Man the next day!(And look it too!) But this takes the biscuit!Lying on the arrse all day,watching Jeremy Kyle & eating crisps & biscuits while we pay for them!Ment em all down for soap I say!
    But the was a story I read the other day of a 50 stone woman in the US who had a 'life saving' operation.They had to create a new specialised operating table as she exceeded the weight limit of the existing operating table. Cant find the link tho.
  7. Legs have Bingo Wings? I bet the crack of his arrse smells just peachy.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

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  9. Is that thingy on that blokes leg one of his goolies??? :eek:
  10. Thought he looked familiar!
  11. Thats because your 8 years old and look like a fecking hippo, and your mother cue fag smokin munter says i didnt know it was wrong to shove 2 ton of potatoes down his fat fecking throat a day.
  12. All these fat nobbers claiming they cant lose weight as they eat fcuk all,or suing Mac D's for turning them into waddling fat numptys should have listened to my old man who served 1936 -58.
    He always said there were no fat basterds in Belsen.
  13. Well that just proves that your old man is a lying sod then.

    Not known for being all that slim


  14. Not fair,he was a fat sausage eating prat,he only visited the place.

    Give him six months as an inmate he would have been a skinny cnut.